• Eloise Kirton

prstn. | 'Absinthe'

As nights are getting darker and days are getting shorter, prstn. a London based artist, who we have previously featured in Modèle in praise of his first single ‘Homesick’, is matching our reminiscent and changing autumn moods with his slow tempo but equally as visual new single ‘Absinthe’.

Prstn. , although being a fairly up and coming artist, has already accumulated immense followings from listeners online with over 30 million streams and a gold-selling track. Not to mention, his love of writing and talented lyricism has lead to him penning for artists including Youngr and Jack Wins.

‘Absinthe’ was produced by Tylr Rydr who has previously produced for the likes of artists like Ashniko and Girli. With this track Tylr and prstn. have conspired the song to be a metaphoric sequence of the night ‘Absinthe’ is referring to as the tempo of the track switches and transitions with differing states of the night. The song in essence tells the account of a time where prstn. realised his state of mind and inner challenges were clearly reflected in the personality of his love interest that night.

When speaking of the song he says: “The song was written on the back of rouge weekend of partying where I met a girl that was in state of intoxication and terminal. I just so happened to see her inner demons as mirror of myself. I was aware and wanted to avoid the madness but didn’t have the control to do so.”

Prstn. claims his influences are artists such as Drake, The XX and The Weeknd and this is clearly reflected in his music as he creates songs with soul-filled vocals intertwined with dark and heavy trap beats. As prstn. has mainly been writing music, to date he has only released a small amount of material but we are hoping that as we transition into the new year we can expect more to emerge and hopefully a debut album will be on the cards for prstn in 2021.

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