Precioustuff is a one-stop jewellery place for ethnical handmade unique designs that will leave you in awe. The designs come with an aura that is spectacular! They come with a personal touch because they never create the same design twice, personalised in a way that makes you stand out.

Their jewellery is versatile and reflect a variety of tastes and ethnicity. Precioustuff make their designs with an unmatched devotion and passion and give people around the world an experience that is mostly unexplainable. They make you feel instantly valued, adorned and beautiful.

Why did you start your brand?

My fascination with jewellery making came about when I observed native African jewellers making beautiful objects from raw materials such as shells and wood. On my return from that wonderful experience, I decided to have a go at it. I didn't merely want to imitate the native African jewellers; I also wanted to add silver to my creations. I decided to take a silversmithing course to improve My skills. After 7 days of intensive learning, I made her first ring. I also wanted to be able to help women who were fed up wearing jewellery from the Hight street, because they know that maybe hundred of others were also wearing them, which does not make it unique and precious

Where do you get your inspiration from when designing your products?

When I am resting, or sleeping I always think of what I a going to do next. In my mind I visualize what I want to do and then grab a paper and start drawing. Most of the time I end up deviating from my original design. when I start I put all the material available in from of me then I start with my initial design. I then try to add or retrieve pieces at a time. I do not have a book of sketches were I can go to when I am short of ideas. It is a spur of the moment idea most of the time. That is why I do not repeat my design

Who is your clientele?

My clientele are women and men who are not a big fun of the High street jeweller. My clients came to me with their design and ask me to make it. The agreement is that i will not display their jewelry on my site because it is their designs. They sometime came to me with old silver material that I melt to make something else. I had women who came to me and said I am going to a wedding and e do not want to be embarrass by wearing something that someone else will wear. It had happened to me and it was embarrassing. As long as I Have the client design I can make it. I also have women who said: please Sylvie make something for me, I have a birthday coming and I want my friends to be happily surprised.

How are you different from your competitors?

When the order is received and price is agreed and paid, then the work start. I send an image or video of each step I take when making the jewellery. to the client. I keep a close contact with the client to facilitate the best outcome and delivery of the jewellery. Clients keep the memento of these images which are a remembrance of their participation when their unique jewellery were made. They not only making a unique jewellery, but they also have a vivid souvenir of how it was made step by step. What differentiate me from other is that I never repeat the same jewellery twice

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