Places + faces pop up party – E1

Warehouse E1 holds some pretty legendary London parties, but for one night only they had the gassed up streetwear brands Guess x Places + Faces, take over on February 15th 2019. This event was to promote the collaboration of fashion company millionaires Guess x Places + Faces, inviting LD (67), Kida Kudz, Plus sounds, skinny Macho, KWOLLEM and special unknown guest AJ Tracy for clothing line promotion purposes. This event was going to be massive.

Guess x Places + Faces party, E1, London February 15th 2019

The tickets were on sale for the price of nothing! Making most students hop on the band wagon pretty quickly, they had sold out of free tickets on resident advisor in record time of 28 minutes! The event was only announced through places + faces social media sites twitter and Instagram making the event totally high class within the streetwear world.

E1 on Pennington Street in Wapping turned into the perfect venue for the fashion event; they closed the smallest room on the left of the main bar, creating an unconventional community on the dance floor. Also they had a large room open with artistic décor inside right at the back of the venue bringing the passion of fashion and art together in one giant party. On resident advisor it was predicted that 1,286 ready ravers were attending bringing together all the UK youth dedicated to streetwear and street-walking London’s nightlife.

The crowd was intensely getting hyped over both the artists performing and the new clothing line just been released, everyone noticed who’d been on a places + faces shopping spree beforehand and who were true die hard streetwear fanatics. A rainbow of colours and streetwear customs styles filled the dance floor; the mood was high along with the spirit of the party containing all the positive mind-sets of the youth which is this day and age, is hard to find.

Guess x Places + Faces clothing drop

All DJs and artists especially LD (67) and AJ Tracey got the party-goers in the floor trembling mood to dance and kept the energy high! Blasting well known tunes including both UK and USA rap it was hard to find someone not getting down, the girls embracing the brightly coloured acrylic gun finger hands while the boys jumped all over the shop with their best mate in an arm lock.

After the party it couldn’t of been questioned whether Guess x Places + Faces demonstrated a new age of bringing fashion, art, music and partying together; as this new age of creativity brought all the inspired, ambitious and intelligent youths together in a positive celebratory manner, so what if it was a party!

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