Pete & Bas | Q&A

Pete & Bas; the elderly duo who are storming their way through the music industry with their witty lyrics and raw beats. No one would think two 70-year-old granddads were able to cook up a grime storm but you haven't seen anything yet!

Pete & Bas' first song, “Shut Ya Mouth”, was released in 2018 and since then Pete & Bas have continued to release smash hits for the GenZ generation. Then came another hit track “Dents In A Peugeot” which gained over 800k streams, before their most popular single “Quick Little Freestyle” which secured over 1mil plays via Spotify & YouTube.

The pair are well-known across the drill scene for their continuous features on GRM Daily, and they have gained attention from other well-established artists such as Giggs and Headie One. The duo has also grown their online following to over 200k and don’t plan on stopping there!

Pete & Bas are notoriously secretive when it comes to their past and personal lives. There are multiple different backstories as to what they used to get up to before their life in the limelight, but no telling which, if any of them, are true!

In a Modèle interview below we discover about their latest track "The Old Estate" as well as digging into the history behind pensioners Pete & Bas...

Describe what it's like being 70-year-old artists in the UK music scene?

Bas: You'll have to ask Mick Jagger or Cliff Richard. Personally, I have no idea. All I know is when I, a twentysomething year old, look in the mirror every morning I see a 73-year-old looking back at me.

Pete: Na it’s good you can’t put an age on talent, can you?

Does your latest single “The Old Estate” represent a significant message or meaning?

Pete: We’re talking about being in the same spot even though our lifestyles changed. It’s a little look into our roots.

Bas: A lot of the time I don’t like thinking about the past mind you cos what happened then is probably best left there. Pretty shitty some of it to be honest

The music video for the track was shot in South London with rapper M24, what was your favourite thing about the shoot?

Pete: Favourite part was playing with that motor and smoking some of Bas’ expensive cigars. Dunno if you ever smoked a ghurka but blimey that stuff tastes good.

Bas: That M25 bloke was nice n all.

Describe the feeling knowing you've ranked over 130,000 monthly listeners on Spotify?

Bas: It’s good feeling knowing that we’re so high up the rankings.

Pete: It’s an even better feeling when I look at my bank statement

Do you guys ever get stopped in the street by fans? How does that usually go?

Pete: Back in the day when people come up to me I’d be there sovereigns in hand ready to chin em. Now I’ve gotta be friendly and it’s a bit weird but I don’t really mind.

Bas: I hate wearing facemasks in the street but at the same time in the last year I’ve been able to move about quite a lot easier if I’m on job because I don’t get stopped now.

What's the best advice you guys have ever given?

Pete: Don’t ever bet on a dog that you ain’t met before. Unless you know the trainer and what their diet is you may as well be chucking money in a fruity.

Bas: The best I can give is – make sure you don't die with the music still in you – many people do, unfortunately. People are either dead or alive know what I mean? In my case, I going to make bloody sure they know the difference.

In the lead up to your highly-anticipated mixtape, what will this upcoming body of work mean to you guys?

Pete: Listen to me when I tell you this album is absolutely mental. The best music you’ll ever hear I can promise you that.

Bas: Everyone’s been proper patient and understanding. It’s hard for us to get about with all this corona bollocks going on.

You guys have worked with incredible musicians, who have been your favourite and least favourite to work with and why?

Bas: Everyone’s been nice but I reckon that’s cos they’re scared of us. I know a few of the lads from back when they were kids, good mates with peoples dads, uncles, godfathers and that. They probably know what we’re about and for that reason, I wouldn’t be surprised if they cacked themselves when they see us.

Pete: Yeah a lot of rappers don’t really want it with us, to be honest. Most of them chat out their arse anyway.

Do you have a favourite track from the Mixtape? If so are you able to disclose which one?

Pete: No comment. But all I can say is it’s gonna knock your block off.

Bas: ‘Nuff said.

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