Pam Hogg | AW19

In a spectacular display of provocateur, Pam Hogg delivered another iconic collection 'Venus in Phurrr' creating a line representing erotica, provocateur, dominance and sexuality. Playing with elements of BDSM culture and apparel through leather, mesh and whips the collection was accentuated by Pam Hogg signature design technique of the unexpected, this year the use of confident furs.

Contrasting against the dominant garments, the collection also presented elements of compliance and submission, showcased through gentle coloured military style suits, combinations of mesh, soft coloured furs and delicate details creating an aura of sensual, innocence alongside the provocative garments of the collection.

Combining the two concepts a white leather, silver studded two piece stormed down the runway, featuring studs around the waistline and zipper of the trousers drawing a subtle hint of provocateur to the garment. With intricate studded patterns combined with leather, the notion was further accentuated.

Drawing in the contrasting element of compliance, the white leather used for colour representation, symbolised purity, the word ‘Innocence’ was also adorned on the back of the sleeveless, high neck, traditional style cape sending a clear message to the audience of the secondary conflicting concept behind the collection.

Celebrating the form of contemporary men and women, Pam Hogg’s collection subtly celebrates gender and sexuality for all with a collection designed to make any individual feel confident. Destroying any negativity through confident, dancing and strutting models showcasing a powerful collection a positive message is clearly displayed through the line.

Pushing the boundaries of contemporary fashion, Pam Hogg’s collection, a celebration of individuality, sexuality and the human body, forced the audience of freemasons hall to their own opinion, be that negative or positive, all attendees left with a reaction to the collection, a trend that seems apparent with Pam Hogg and the powerful impact left on her audience.

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