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DJs of the UK are on the up-rise, with drum and bass being the centre of many music invested lifestyles which is changing the underground dance scene. Modele magazine spoke to 20-year-old drum and bass DJ No Patterns (Callum Burman) about exclusive insights into developing, producing and promoting underground original tunes.

Stylised casual No Patterns describes his drum and bass as “dark and eerie”, wearing a mixture of blue undertones with his signature beloved Paramount hat, he begins to reveal the insights into performing underground music to the UK. Patterns pictures his music using many mindful techniques which develop his original underground sounds. “when I make music, I wave my hand in time with it, a bit like I’m orchestrating it in a way, I try to picture how the noise would kind of move”.

Taking influences mainly from family members when living in his home in Surrey, his bother heavily encouraged his ambition to explore into the underground music scene. “Ryan my brother, he makes indie folk music and has played guitar around me since he was 7, he’s now 22.”

Having musically influential parents too, Patterns was able to share and create music alongside other creative minds, getting different generational inspiration “My dad literally had a cabinet full of CDs, 500-600 sorts, there’s always been music in our house and its made us very close, finding artists and stuff together brings you all closer”. Believing that lots of young people get persuaded to do things they might not be interested in, he’s grateful to have a supportive musical network in his life. “It’s reassuring to know that my parents want Ryan and me to be able to do whatever we want with our lives; they are so supportive”.

Dropping out of Arts college UCA he knew he could succeed in music, using his own underground martial and producing it in his own way “after dropping out, I still strongly believed I had a passion for it, I always loved music, I’ve always listened to music and I’ve always gone raving. If you ever saw me a school ninety-nine percent of the time, I’d have my headphones in”.

“I’ve been thinking about future upcoming releases in the year, I want to design light trails and use photography to my advantage with long exposure moving the light in time to the music, therefore I give people more a piece of me than just my music”.

Interested heavily in visual artwork as well as the songs to accompany them he’s creatively made sounds that capture visuals lining up into different sound waves. “I made a track and screen recorded a flower growing then dying, weird, but yeah. Then I screen recorded that recording and dragged the trim of it, so it moved in time with the synth I made”. Grabbing attention from not only his music online but his visuals it’s hard to doubt the success of No Patterns, “if you nail the visual side of things and you’ve got the audio side, then I think your pretty set”.

Once fully focused only on the production side of his tracks Patterns recently decided that playing gigs can’t be a DJ element to hate on “mixing never was my thing but the last 6 months I really have been getting down and having fun with it, two decks at the moment but three decks is on the cards for learning”. Friends DJ Kelf (Ben Coleman) and DJ Pathogen (Nick Baker) both being aspiring DJs in the scene, having music set ups in their houses Patterns has around the clock time music creators surrounding him. “We go over there, ever so often and we just mix, practice makes perfect really, I usually just link up the snares”.

Callum believes that underground music is the heart of the music industry, being heavily indulged into the DJ scene in London he's adamant "you'll never be alone in a crowd of like minded people". He praises Incurzion audio for "being a real asset to me and my wellbeing within the industry as an up and comer, they bring fun and a hardworking vibe to the scene and are a lovely bunch of people with the right attitude.

No Patterns new track Signals drops on Soundcloud end of June this year.

Photography by Georgia Slack

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