Nielsen Reaveley | Pursuing pop & 'Living In A Bubble'

Nielsen Reaveley a Brighton-born pop star continues pursuing his music aspirations in the UK capital and has recently finished his most signature, acoustic and melodic single 'Living In A Bubble' released on October 25th. Devising messages about how prioritising work over relationships creates a negative impact and can leave someone feeling isolated Nielsen's latest track is more than therapeutic for the heart, join Modèle on the exclusive insights on Nielsen's musical style and 'Living In A Bubble'.

In your words. describe your style of music?

"My music is an acoustic pop sound. Some of my music is purely acoustic recordings, but the large majority of my material has a classic pop arrangement with drums, bass and electric guitar added. Despite covering some dark topics, most of my songs have a summary, upbeat vibe to them."

How does it feel going from playing in a London underpass during 2018 to being described as "A hotly tipped young Londoner with a knack for ear-worm pop melodies and literate, memorable lyrics" by Tom Robinson from BBC Radio 6?

"It was one of my career highlights to be recognised by a man who has had hit records himself. My uncle is a big fan of Tom Robinson so he was happy to see me get that recognition. Although it is very nice to be recognised in that manner, radio is only one component of making an artist successful in the modern music industry, so I didn’t get carried away when I found out about it."

It's said you influences include Prince, George Benson, Smokey Robinson and John Mayer how is this translated in your music?

"I think as a pop artist in this era it would be easy to use very basic chord structures, however, these influences have enabled me to push the boundaries of my music creativity, both melodically and lyrically."

Already performing at events and venues including Latitude Festival, Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club and London venue The Bedford do you have a signature performance trait we can look out for?

"I do like to make a fool of myself! When I go on the radio or have a big gig coming up I usually ask my Instagram followers to suggest something funny for me to do. For example, when I played at The Bedford I got told to call it The Shefford. You can watch this video of me humiliating myself over on Instagram. When I went on BBC Cambridgeshire I said the word antidisestablishmentarianism - It didn’t make sense in the context I used it in. This clip is also on Instagram. You will also probably recognise me in person by my turquoise appearance. My branding is turquoise…I have a turquoise guitar, necklace, capo. If not, you’ll probably recognise my bushy eyebrows."

Your favourite & least favourite thing about the UK’s music scene?

"My favourite thing is during 2019, there's been so much opportunity not only to play live but also to build a fanbase. I have a lot of respect for any artist making a viable career out of music, therefore I don’t see any reason I can’t do the same if I carry on working as hard as I can."

Do you draw from personal experiences to write music? If so to what extent?

"Most of my songs draw upon personal experiences, some songs are lyrically vague, but if that’s the case they have to be melodically great. My new single ‘Living in a Bubble’ isn’t necessarily my most lyrically inventive piece of work, however, it is very catchy and although the lyrics are simple they are relatable and mean something to me. On the other hand, if a song is lyrically personal, I love to draw on specific details that are also relatable i.e a person's nuances."

What was your first thought when you got featured and racked in 100,000 views on Damian Keyes' (the founder of BIMM London) Youtube channel?

"It was great to be recognised by Damian Keyes as he is someone I look up to for music marketing. I was overwhelmed with how beneficial that feature was. All those views turned into engagement on the music video for the song which is now at around 1.5k views. I’ve had a lot of very nice comments from people on the music video off the back of that video. I’m very grateful to Damian for his help."

BBC Introducing London said "Imagine George Michael and John Mayer wrote a song together and added a sprinkle of Prince’s sass” in your opinion how is this shown in your music?

"I guess Prince is quite quirky as an artist, I see that in myself. John Mayer and George Michael are both honest writers lyrically."

How did you come up with the concept for your latest single ‘Living in a Bubble’?

"Just through the frustration of the lifestyle I’ve been living for a few years where I have a schedule so different to most people in society. It’s about that isolation and dedication to music that ultimately leaves you with the decision of putting your time into music or alternatively people and relationships."

What do you want the newest single to demonstrate to your fanbase?

"That I can have the listeners attention for the whole three minutes. What I mean by this is I think the song has a great hook in the chorus but also a nice verse with a guitar motif to keep you entertained in the verse. You’ve also got a middle 8 to change the song up again and take the song somewhere else."

Photography by Harvey Shepherdson-Beck, Ali Hosseini & David Myers

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