Napapijri SS20 | A New Wave in Urban Streetwear

Spring Summer 2020 is rapidly approaching, streetwear crusaders are scouring through the latest collections, in search of staple pieces to make a statement. This season Napapijri have offered just that, the premium leisurewear brand have introduced an extensive range of visuals for SS20, a cluster of four stories, demonstrated within design.

SS20 evolves beyond streetwear, the wearer becomes an icon of their own summer stories. Notions of discovery, self-expression and creativity, interlaced with every stitch, guide you into summer with a positive mindset and a distinctive panache.

Broken into segments, each aspect of the collection characterises specific features for which Napapijri are renowned, comfort and contemporary fashion combine, affirming their established streetwear legacy for another season.

The Wonder Premium Casualwear Collection proposes a refreshing twist to the traditional Napapijri streetwear aesthetic, lively idiosyncrasies of tourism are conceptualised, location t-shirts and tropical prints are played upon. Reimagining clichés of traditional summer fashion, Napapijri form a polished, and captivating collection, refined for an urban summer.

Nostalgia from vacations past are reflected, offering a sense of euphoria and thirst for summer to the wearer. T-shirts and tropical prints combine with underlying nods to sportwear, showcasing the lively nature of seasonal travel.

Contrasts of vivacious shades are apparent throughout the collection, sleek and sophisticated cuts are introduced, perfecting the movement of the garments. Refined tailoring and precise colour blocking techniques, guide conflicting shades away from the boundary of garish or tacky, into an energetic and cohesive collection of sporty and assertive streetwear.

Inspired by Australia, a colour pallet of pinks and light blues act as a nod towards the great barrier reef. Earthy hues contrast against dynamic shades to embody the Blue Mountains, a bold contrast, yet gentle on the eye, a subtle nod to the soothing reminiscences of summer.

Nods to subcultures within streetwear offer an additional gesture to contemporary urban fashion, holographic patterns, iridescent logos and layering’s of prints and mesh, techniques associated with ravewear, act as a distinguishing feature, creating an inimitable aesthetic for this casualwear collection.

Designing with purpose, this seasons fabrics and functionality push the boundaries of streetwear and innovation. Futurewear ensures practicality within the brand remains a staple, alongside Napapijri refined design techniques for SS20.

Maximising movement, windproof jackets utilise agile fabrics, offering a breezy, lightweight garment for the sweltering season. Each breaker offers waterproof fabric for the spring transition period, tailored to cover all eventualities.

Oversized silhouettes incorporate aesthetics drawn from traditional streetwear, each versatile garment is reimagined, appropriating Napapijri's own take on contemporary movements and seasonal demand. Orange, black and navy offer an enticing colour palette, highlighted through the use of strategic colour blocking. Juxtaposing fabric, textures and contrast stitching add definition to designs, a transcendent form of embellishment.

Introducing an advanced and futuristic technology to the fittingly named ‘Futurewear’ collection, Napapijri presents, Ze-Knit a form of digitally knitted design. Reducing the amount of water, fabric waste and dye chemicals through this process, these garments represent a sustainable awareness held by the brand, in keeping with the nature of the rapidly changing fashion industry. This movement also includes the creation of a 100% recyclable jacket, designed through a fully closed loop cycle. ‘Infinity’, a mission for Napapijri to design a circular future for fashion, indicates the brands dedication to the creation of an eco-friendly design process.

The third portion of SS20 – Ease - offers premium quality and comfort, designed using Supima Cotton Collection, strength softness and colour retention are prioritised, an additional level of carefully thought out design to this innovative collection.

Finalising SS20 The Tribe Streetwear Collection contributes the final layer of detailed design to round off this cutting edge premium casualwear collection, a true asset to the established brand of Napapijri.

Embodying the essence of a city summer, Tribe incorporates the tranquillity of a summer evening. Reimagining its SS18 trompe-l'œil graphic narrative by Martine Rose, we are drawn onto the rooftops of the city as the sun sets, a tranquil atmosphere layered upon by the buzz of an unsleeping city, a beautiful contrast to the energetic and euphoric introduction offered through Wonder.

This colour palette presents warm, gentle tones of Earth Brown, Kol Orange, and Powder Pink a delicate link to the summer sunset. Featuring Corduroy, an unexpected by exciting fusion to the collection, hoodies, trousers and polo shirts feature alongside feminine bralettes and biker shorts, once again showcasing an athletic nature to the collection.

Retro aesthetics are incorporated, celebrating the heritage of the brands streetwear roots, colour blocking, monochrome and vibrant prints act as a prominent and classic symbol of the brands continual streetwear evolution.

To celebrate the launch of the collection, the Napapijri store in Carnaby street hosted Musican and producer J Rick, recognised for working alongside octavian in producing "Party Here", "Hands" and "Lightning", for an insightful conversation regarding his solo career and creative processes. Adding to the atmosphere of the event, J Rick provided guests, excited to see the new collection, with an ambiance of fresh, live, beats.

Shop the full Napapijri SS20 collection here.

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