Mr N Jay Jazzing it up since 1980, still in 2019

Throughout nightclub history especially within London’s nightlife, Norman Jay is a massive DJ name that so many are familiar with. Jay’s jazzed up tunes and old school rhythm connects with so many ravers worldwide. The well renowned Blues Kitchen in Brixton has the upmost pleasure of having Mr Jay perform his golden funk music on March 15th 2019, keeping the jazz king’s music reputation to be original, classic and musically hero-like.

London students vibing with the old school bangers by Norman Jay

Norman Jay started out being born in the local Notting hill where he was influenced by music from every angle, starting out being headline DJ at his cousins 10th birthday party. He then led on in later life to be requested by Mick Jagger to perform at his 50th birthday. Like no other British DJ, Jay has formed the nightlife culture into what it is today being the first DJ to be awarded the MBE and his Good times sound system has been blasting Notting Hill carnival for almost 40 years.

The legend Mr Jay blasting music gold in The Blues Kitchen, Brixton.

Brixton, being a home and centre of the jazz music culture Modele’s events team were beside ourselves getting a sneak peak of the nightclub king in action at the Blues Kitchen, 40 Acre Lane, Brixton. Doors opened at 9pm leaving time for party-seekers to get on a wave with cocktails and well-priced drinks beforehand. Tickets were on sale on Ticketweb for £10, making this OG loved up jazz event just an hour of anyone's working day, away.

The venue itself brings major funk characteristics with iconic legends plastered on the walls surrounded by fairy light signs and neon coloured bulbs making the staircase up to the dance floor a magical yellow-brick road. Once inside the room was packed, all ages were geared up to watch Mr Jay uncover his mystical hypnotic melodies that so many British people are obsessed with when partying.

The Blues Kitchen March 15th 2019 Norman Jay set.

Big named tunes were played such as Reach out, How sweet is it, Heatwave, Mr big stuff and so many more staple songs that stayed in the souls of all who attended. The community that Jay and the Blues kitchen attracted was unbelievably accepting and loving, everyone felt like old friends that all re-connected with each other listening to the old school music that flew them back to the good party times. The team of staff in the venue were all in the same spirits as the party-goers with bar tenders and door staff grooving along to the tunes, probably because nobody could resist moving when being exposed to the magical power of Mr Jay and his DJ decks. Speaking to Nazmia Hamza a bartender of the Blues Kitchen, making it clear that this is a normal Friday night through the doors of the venue.

Party girls going insane over the non-stop groove.

When speaking to the crowd, so many of the old-school music jammers all were loved up and easy to talk and groove with. Meeting three French lads outside in the smoking area one, Matteo described the venue and a ‘wonderland of funk and freak’ being overly excited to be vulnerable to the king of London’s nightlife melody. Every single person that passed or looked our way either had the biggest smile upon their face or had their eyes closed willingly lost within the jazz, arms up high, hips humping the music.

The funky french lads, Matteo on the far left.

This lifetime remembered event has marked itself on how jazz and funk music still roars within London’s nightlife community; enlightened ravers high on the happy feel-good vibes that make clubs and dance-floors light up like they do to this day. The mixture of a brilliant laid out venue in the home of London’s jazz combined with London’s old school king of funk Mr Jay made a night that’s totally unforgettable.

Modele events team and others dancing until our hearts content.

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