• Eloise Kirton

Mougleta | "Lonely Girl"

Mougleta, the Lebanese-Canadian alternative pop singer taking the music industry by storm, has released her spirited new single “Lonely Girl” shortly after the release of her additional 2020 project the Rocket Ride EP in collaboration with Korean group OH MY GIRL and German DJ Keanu Silver.

“Lonely Girl” astutely features Mougleta’s bold but refined vocals over the prominent trap beat and guitar riffs throughout to create a unique dynamic to the record which audibly sets the tone for the track. With the meaning behind “Loney Girl” Mougleta says she wanted to outline the way that our modern society deals with the real and the fake and how the line between reality and fiction is often blurred through the likes of the internet and social media. Through “Lonely Girl” she speaks about the challenges this can bring upon us.

Mougleta has been immensely successful in releasing lots of her material in 2020 despite all the challenges that this year has brought to the music industry and she has managed to gain over 20m+ streams and over 400k monthly listeners on Spotify alone. Her most popular track “Dancing in the Dirt”, the incredible collaboration with dance collective Glockenbach, has gained over 1m streams on Spotify and is still breaking through to audiences globally.

Her stage name “Mougleta” comes from the nickname “Mougli” her parents used to call her growing up as she was a lot like the character from “The Jungle Book” in her younger age. However, as Mougleta grew up all around the globe in cities such as Beirut, Boston, Dubai, Toronto and her now home Berlin she really could relate to Mougli’s character as she felt she never truly belonged somewhere although every city has its place in her heart.

We got a chance to chat with the lovely Mougleta about all things “Lonely Girl”, collaborations and self-love.

Where did Lonely Girl come from for the single? Why did you choose that title?  For me I feel it's the impact of the virtual world on people in general. Most people interact and see what others (friends and family) are doing through digital screens. This had a big effect on me, especially since leaving my friends behind in Beirut when I moved to Berlin.  What was the inspiration behind the track? They say just because you’re thirsty you shouldn't drink poison. Lonely Girl is a song about the world we live in today where the lines of reality and fiction are blurred. We mostly share a life of happiness and glamour with the world that we're not actually living or feeling. This leaves many of us empty inside. Lonely Girl is about the difference between seeing and living.  What was your creative process behind the production of this track?  I created this song with two of the most talented producers I've ever known, Boki and Hubi. In addition to the usual oriental undertones, we wanted to infuse a variety of genres on this track including Rock, Hip Hop and Trap. 

How would you describe your collaboration with 'Oh My Girl' and 'Keanu Silva' and the music you have produced?  This was a lot of fun, plus I had the opportunity to show my versatility as this was my first time writing and singing on a K-Pop song.   How did this collaboration track come about? What's the story behind it?   I met the 'Oh My Girl" team at a K-Pop writing camp in Berlin. The girls loved the song right away and later translated it to Korean as well. Just goes to show how music is truly universal and collaborations can happen anywhere.  Are there any particular messages you want to portray to your listeners with 'Lonely Girl'?   Always love yourself, take care of yourself and just because you're alone sometimes you shouldn't feel Lonely. In Fact, use the time alone to reflect and learn about what truly matters to you, is it money, fame, things or something deeper? Also, when I say "Swimming pools I'm gonna take a dive" the meaning is that I want to try different things; I want to experiment to discover what makes me happy. 

Off the back of releases such as “Talk To Me” with Topic and her hits “Losing You” and “Far from Home” with offrami and CASP: R she has already received immense support in the industry from platforms such as Hitradio and Global X. We can’t wait for Mougleta to surge the music industry with her distinctive and uplifting approach to music and being a pop artist in 2020.

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