Moose Knuckles | SS20 ‘Surf Rodeo’

Well-renowned Canadian outerwear label; Moose Knuckles debuts it's SS20 collection 'Surf Rodeo'. Utilising their successful sportswear style with a new wave of bleach washed, tie-dye 'cowboy aesthetics', the brand sets the scene for their campaign on the North Shore of Hawaii featuring surfer and skater dude Evan Mock alongside his brother Alika Mock, and Canadian models Melrose Boyer and Malia Murphy. Shot by photographer Alana Spencer, sister to Evan and Alika Mock, this campaign delivers a raw and authentically family orientated quality, corresponding with the brand's vision and heritage style techniques.

Echoing the meaning behind Ohana and the enjoyment of family, Moose Knuckles SS20 collection, styled and co-directed by Hawaiian creative Taylor Okata, embodies and celebrates the shared history and culture of Canada and Hawaii. "Predating the Wild West, Captain George Vancouver, British Naval officer and explorer, gifted cattle to King Kamehameha I, founder and first ruler of the Kingdom of Hawaii. The King then requested that Mexican vaqueros travel from California to Hawaii to teach their cowboy lifestyle throughout the Islands, what Hawaiians then labelled as “paniolo’ – Hawaiian cowboys."

Tu Ly, Moose Knuckles’ VP of Design, explains “Moose Knuckles takes a trip to Cowtown, an affectionate nickname for Calgary, the Alberta city steeped in Western culture, inspired by the Calgary Stampede, one of the world’s largest rodeos, we reinterpreted the stampede’s rich heritage as the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth to perpetuate the greatest outerwear brand in the nation.”

This campaign takes us on an adventure, invites us to experience the everyday way of life in Hawaii, we are joined by a group of friends embarking on a Hawaiian journey. As the day progresses we are taken from a glowing horse ranch, warmed by the sun, to a beach bonfire, its embers flickering from sea breezes, finalising the day with a surf session at sunset.

An organic colour palette of beige, green, white and grey; inspired by the grasslands of the Canadian Prairies, evokes a notion of nostalgia, linking to the brands home roots. The SS20 'Surf Rodeo' collection stars a mixture of lightweight quilted jackets, rainwear, seam-sealed parkas, fitted down jackets, and elevated country-influenced pieces.

Employing the signature Moose Knuckles logo across each piece within the collection, the 'cowboy on a ranch' style adopted for SS20, also offers custom, hand-made, python and kangaroo cowboy boots to set the scene, presenting inlay designs crafted by the Alberta Boot Company.

The Moose Knuckles family has been around since 1921 with significant success from shielding their Canadian brothers and sisters from the extreme cold weather. After founding in 2009 the brand's vision "was built on the belief that we could make the leanest, toughest and most luxurious sportswear in the world."

Known for their sourcing of ethical material and premium hardware the brands impeccable level of craft and tailoring remains prominent for another collection. "We are a family, a community, a tribe and we wear it on our sleeves".

The Moose Knuckles SS20 collection is available from today, you can find the campaign and collection here.

Photography by Alana Spencer

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