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With a fresh sound, distinctive melodies and piercing vocals, Monét Mia has rapidly become a familiar face in the underground music scene, fusing the iconic beats of old school hip hop and R&B “I listen to a lot of old school stuff and I try to always incorporate that in my R&B”.

Monét, delivering a fluid transition between genres, introduces contrasting vibes flowing delicately through her melodic voice. Inspired by iconic artists including IAMDDB, SZA and Amy Winehouse, Monét, draws inspiration from the music itself, delivering tracks developed from a pure, unwavering passion.

Continually developing her technique, Monét’s latest work integrates the romanticism of jazz music “A lot of the new stuff I’m working on has a lot of elements of jazz, I really am trying to incorporate it, I don’t know something about jazz music I find it so romantic, it sounds so cheesy but I find it so romantic, its lovely to listen to, I feel like if love was a sound it would be jazz music” this fusion has provided an additional layer to the artists tracks leading to an inimitable blend of genres and the signature sound of Monét Mia.

Filling each song with gripping melodies and hypnotic rhythms, honest and meaningful lyrics are layered throughout, pouring the emotions of the artist into each track, “I try to keep it very authentic, I write music basically to just heal myself from loads of situations, so I just write whenever I’m feeling low or even if I’m feeling happy, whenever I feel an overdose of emotions I need to let it out so I’ll just start writing”. Building her lyrics from personal experiences, and her own interpretations of society, Monét invites listeners to explore the story behind each song and experience the emotions alongside her “it’s helping other people as well, even if it’s just one person it’s still something”.

With a drive to create music purely for herself, the influential artist, writing all of her own lyrics, channels her excess feelings into polished tracks consisting of raw, emotional lyrics with a powerful vocal delivery “I’ve realised you should only release stuff for yourself and if people fuck with it then it’s a bonus”.

With a fearless approach and creative mindset, Monét herself is fused into each song, each track embodying the singer, resonating traits of a true and unrivalled artist. “I’ve always wanted to start writing bars and stuff, and some of my friends have pushed me to do it, but I was always hesitant, I didn’t really know what people would say and stuff like that, I just realized in this life you just have to go for it you know what I mean”.

Collaborating with a number of talented artists throughout the year, the talents of Monét appear endless, with each collaboration uniting the sounds of two artists, combining to produce an unpredictable and emotionally rich track.

Moving forward in her career, Monét will be performing at the Canada Water theatre on the 6th of June, alongside this her EP ‘Off the Records’ is also set to be released over the coming months. Delving further into producing, the artist plans to mix and master her own music, with a constant drive to produce her tracks independently, showcasing a character as strong as her music would suggest.

“I always believe that we are all put in this world to love but in different ways, so I do it through music, people do it through giving people health, spreading love in different ways and I want to continue to do that” – Monét Mia

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Photographer - Henry Nash

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