Modèle's Easter Favourites | 2021

This Easter the Modèle team wanted to run through some of our favourites brands this spring season! Supporting small businesses and startups is so important to us at Modèle as we are at the beginning of our journey too! Below are just a few of our favourite things to indulge in, wear and overall enjoy this spring.

Pursue Fitness - Gym Wear

A brand born from a Bolton based bedroom in 2013, Pursue fitness offers flawless, sleek designs, translating from sportswear to streetwear. Built to inspire, the brand offers comfort, flexibility and impeccable quality, arriving in matte protective bags to keep your garms fresh.

Recently launching their 'Sustainable Seamless' collection, you can shop with a clean conscious and support brands, supporting our planet.

If you're looking for comfort and unique design, the full collection is available on the pursue fitness website, its been the perfect loungewear for the Modèle team whilst working from home.

RoseBeadies - Beaded Jewellery

RoseBeadies is an adorable beaded small business based in London. The brand creates a range of on-of-a-kind designs and allows you to create your very own custom beadie pattern. Just drop them a message!

RoseBeadies offers beaded necklaces, bracelets and rings - many of the designs can be worn as sets and are the perfect rave accessory this Easter. The products are all handmade, unique and can be shipped all across the world and can be purchased via Depop or Instagram.

The designs are made from recycled lamp-work and plastic beads, the packaging used is 100% plastic-free! Being a one-woman-business this is such a wonderful brand to support and a totally cute one too! The products are very affordable ranging from £4 to £15 for sets so perfect for gifts or a pressie for yourself.

Eclecticism - Chunky Clay Rings

Based in London, Eclecticism offers chunky clay rings, each handmade with a selection of unique, one of a kind designs. Supporting slow fashion, each ring is made to order, with custom colours and designs available upon request through their Depop and Instagram DM's.

Offering UK and worldwide shipping, you can pick up one of these colourful gems from anyone across the globe, with prices ranging from £3 to £8 to spice up your wardrobe. With chunky, colourful rings as a growing trend for 2021, set yourself ahead of the craze whilst supporting small business.

Eclecticism rings can be purchased via Depop or Instagram.

MataComplex - Mesh Treasures

Offering the ultimate exposed-seams-aesthetic, Matacomplex offers a mesh dream for neon and pastel fashion fanatics. With a selection of unique, one of a kind designs, the brand supports the slow fashion approach, each design made to order, a step towards sustainability.

For those looking to inject a pop of colour into their wardrobe, the brand offers dresses, tops skirts and co-ords in just about every shade you can imagine, the brands eye catching designs have become a staple and cult favourite across the urban scene, easily distinguishable on London's city streets by their vibrant colour palette and drip of threads.

Available on the brands Depop and website, if you're looking to grab a statement piece for summer, Matacomplex might be the brand you've been searching for.

Sour Fig - Handmade Knit & Accessories

Sour Fig is a weird and wonderful small business to watch out for, the brand's mission is to create unique and creative knitwear pieces with earth, people and animals in mind. The brand makes sure all products are funky and fun with no expiry date! All the knitwear pieces are made by hand, from the start to the last stitches and details.

Sour Fig use materials that are friendly to our planet - fabrics such as wool, cotton, silk and acrylic yarns (while acknowledging that acrylic yarn is not the friendliest of fibres, it does provide longevity, wear and years of warmth and comfort) to keep the jumpers chunky. Materials are sourced from everywhere in the world; however, they try to keep it as close to home as possible. The packaging is adorable, products come with bright dust bags which is a signature staple of Sour Fig.

Sour Fig tries their best to keep the slow fashion movement going, keeping it simple yet fun, working fairly and staying immensely creative by producing in small quantities. All pieces are one-of-a-kind with every single order being completely unique and not to be seen on anyone else!

We loved our colourful designs here at Modèle, the combination of stylish and cosy is what SourFig brings you. It's a great accessory brand to look out for this Easter - bright colour palettes are catching our attention this 2021 and helping us channel our inner 90s baby.


Two Brooks - Crafted Seltzer

Looking for a low-calorie, delicious, alcoholic beverage this Easter? We tried the wonderful Two Brooks and this is our choice of drink this spring! (This one if for the over 18s)

Two Brooks is a premium craft hard seltzer (aka alcoholic sparkling water) launched by three siblings in London at the start of the pandemic. Their drinks are made using only 3 ingredients: pure fruit spirit made from British apples gently sparkling water 100% natural fruit flavourings.

The brand was created because they couldn't find the drink they wanted to drink and found themselves making it instead. They felt that most canned drinks were either too high in sugars, too strong in alcohol or left you bloated & tired. There was a gap in the market for something lighter & healthier but also a bit more fun (because there are only so many vodka sodas one can drink before getting bored of them).

The drinks are 100% made in the UK, with no added sugars or artificial sweeteners. They're also gluten-free and naturally low in calories, but beyond that, they taste delicious and were made with zero compromises!

Two Brooks was also voted best tasting hard seltzer by the Telegraph and won a silver medal at the Low & No Masters 2021 by The Spirit Business as well as the 2020 Design Masters also organized by the spirits business.

Lil Leafy - Cow Print Earings

Mads, the founder of Lil Leafy, started off making the things she struggled to find and found that others were looking for the same things - grungy, alternative and funky earrings. Inspired by nature and popular culture and aim to make androgynous products for anyone to wear, all the products are a labour of love - handmade in small batches with a focus on being environmentally conscious.

Lil Leafy Shop's ethos is feminist, anti-racist, politically active and unapologetic.

The Modèle team loved our signature cow print earrings, which is a trending pattern this 2021. The designs can be so easily paired and really make any outfit stand out! All products are handmade in Essex, UK and Lil Leafy donated 100% of their sales to Victim Support this past March.

My Lifeline - CBD Cold Coffee Brew

Founded by Londoner, Christen My Lifeline is a brand that incorporates CBD into its coffee products. After a series of medical investigations made Christen realise that living at 100 miles an hour was perhaps not worth endangering my vital organs. She started paying attention to physical and mental wellbeings for the first time and discovered CBD - she couldn't understand why people were not talking more widely as it is a compound with so many possible benefits.

My Lifeline offers 3 types of cold brew coffee's; cool, calm and collective (how appropriate!). This premium cold brew coffee brand crafts exceptionally tasting ready-to-drink coffees, made with organic ingredients and was inspired by the desire to solve the productivity-wellbeing paradox, sustainably. The brews are served chilled, on ice or with your favourite milk or spirit.

"My Lifeline is that cool, calm, collected you have been looking for" - My Lifeline

Spice Kitchen UK - Gin Botanicals Tin

You don't have to be an expert mixologist this Easter to enjoy some high-class flavoured gins, Spice Kitchen is offering their super fun artisan Gin Botanicals Tin! Each tin comes with a recipe booklet to help garnish your drinks with a flourish and create crowd-pleasing infusions. The tin comes in a beautiful blue silk bag which is the perfect touch if you are looking for a gift this spring season.

This beautiful artisan tin will quickly become an indispensable tool for any budding mixologist. Each order contains seven high quality, individually packaged botanicals with a stainless-steel storage tin, small spoon, and handmade silk wrap made from silk sari material. In this tin, you’ll have everything you need to create several impressive crowd-pleasers, as well as a recipe booklet that will help you make the best out of the beautiful ingredients included.

7 of the finest quality whole spices include coriander seeds, rose petals, juniper berries, citrus peel, pink peppercorns and star anise. Whether you're a newbie to the Gin Revolution (or a refined mixologist!), our carefully selected botanicals tin will spice up your cocktails and delight your guests.

Georgina Yvonne - Handmade Jewellery

Georgina Yvonne is a small sustainable jewellery business, aiming to create mini, wearable works of art while maintaining ethical morals and values. The founder Georgina has always been passionate about jewellery and trained previously in silversmithing and metalwork.

The debut collection explores different design concepts and approaches, with strong inspiration from nature and art. These pieces are all cast in Sterling Silver and include earrings and pendants.

The Trinketbox collection is currently all cast in golden brass, and the collection is incredibly personal to Georgina; the pieces are all inspired by childhood memories and hope.

We loved our designs here at Modèle, (especially the ocean-themed ones) they are so individual and the perfect luxury item to accessorise any outfit.

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