Minki SS19

In a collection based on Lorenzo Vitturi’s book ‘money must be made’ Minki reconstructs Vitturi’s journey through the Nigerian Balogun Market, recreating the atmosphere with a perfectly jumbled set design. The abundance of fabrics, colours and miscellaneous objects, created an exaggerated dream like atmosphere, complimenting the distinctive collection.

Capturing all aspects of the market from furniture to textiles, the line reflects the eclectic, vibrant ambiance of the market. Built up using conflicting fabrics including cotton, plastic and canvas Minki plays with the contrast between, clashing outlines, bold prints and opposing patterns, creating an edgy, thrilling visual.

The energy of the Minkis interpretation is expressed through the use of an eccentric colour palette, combining a series of mainstream shades and embracing the use of magenta pink, khaki green, cream and white, the line merges confident, distinct colours incorporating vibrant reds, perky yellows and deep blues, constructing a new volumetrically distorted image.

Colourful slogan sweatshirts built up a huge part of the collection, introducing vivid mottos and metallic fringe on the front. Paired with a variety of multi-coloured striped shirts, rolled up on the sleeves, the collars highlighted the distinctive shades of the sweaters enhancing the unpredictability of the line. Accentuating the unique personality behind the line, a fusion of colourful socks, jelly shoes and lively patterned fabric headbands, showed the inclusion of the Nigerian market inspiration not only in the clothes, but in the smaller details such as the accessories.

Also featuring in the collection, a multitude of casual floor length dresses. Featuring thick straps and rounded necklines, the dresses, constructed using colourful bunched fabric, creates the appearance of a detailed bobble print, formed into dramatic patterns. With the effect ending mid-thigh, the remainder of the dress contrasts into a sheer, pleated mesh featuring the same colours printed within the upper half of the ensemble.

Designing for contemporary women the Minki brand aims to create a connection with wearers, evoking nostalgic feelings and memories with his audience. This is clearly demonstrated through his SS19 accessories with the jelly shoes and colourful socks adding a childlike 90’s aspect to the collection alongside the main theme of the collection.

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