Mimpikita | AW19

Celebrating diversity with their Autumn Winter 2019 collection, Mimpikita showcased a collection breaking down cultural boundaries, and infusing elements of each designer into the garments, using the collection as a representation of the three founders of the brand and the different backgrounds of the three women.

Introducing an array of soft skirts and tailored outwear throughout displays a collection representing and speaking to all women. Incorporating the use of abstract floral and checked prints the line also clashes delicate details and embellishments creating a subtle balance. Embroidery and fringing feature on a number of pieces across the collection, made by hand the detailing adds further depth to the clothes.

The bold, fearless and unique silhouettes combined with the delicate embellishments, are used to signify the beauty, power and resilience women hold, acting as a representation for the women and founders that created and drew inspiration from themselves to design the collection.

One of the most elegant pieces of the line introduced a high neck floor length gown. Contrasting a satin nude material from the neck to the waist finishing in a point, the dress then fell into a bold gold, blue and lilac print to the floor. Contrasting the two materials further one sleeve of the stress featured a sleek fitted long sleeve in the same satin nude material, the other however presented a bunched effect stopping at the elbow, in the same bold print as the bottom half of the dress.

The finale design also presented a huge contrast, one half of the dress presented a pure white one side contrasted with a dark navy shade on the other side featuring subtle detailing across the fabric in a slightly darker navy shade. Drawing the dress together, a bunched neck above the chest created a perfect silhouette of soft and daring, drawing the concept of the collection into one garment.

The Mimpikita Autumn Winter 2019 collection acts as a resounding voice for women globally.

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