Michiko Koshino | SS20

In keeping with the unique style of Michiko Koshino, this season’s meticulous collection was delivered in the form of five wax figures adorned in the new SS20 collection and highlighted by the mirrored walls of the venue.

Once again adopting the contemporary silhouettes associated with the Michiko Koshino signature style, this seasons incorporation of prominent detailing added a new element to the classic Koshino designs, making a resounding and powerful statement, further defining the brand. This season saw a contrast against the renowned eccentric creations by Koshino, instead adopting a softer, more intimate collection, one that demonstrated the exciting versatility of the Michiko Koshino brand.

Seeking inspiration from a range of bold and unusual influences in previous collections, this season we see a deviation away from this as Michiko draws on the Michiko Koshino brand itself, excelled by its evolution, this collection represents Michokos reaction to the discarded content and creativity. In a world where fashion is moving faster than ever this phenomenon has created a thin line between inspiration and imitation. Within the SS20 collection the combination of fabrics and designs each express a prevailing message of identity, power and social and cultural discourses, unintentionally raising questions regarding the overall sentiment of the current society that we live in.

Staring out in the 80’s Koshino’s designs have adapted throughout the years, evolving alongside trends, each season producing a collection that perfectly coincides with the contemporary fashion demand, whilst embodying the nature of the brand and designer.

The SS20 collection, incorporates a colour palette of white, sand and khaki tones layered upon with distinctive prints, forming to resemble the brand through a softer approach. This collection also blurs the definition of womenswear and menswear in a collection designed for both genders, with Cotton, Nylon and Silk crafted to create a ready to wear line for both men and women, both in fit and design.

Boasting a high fashion stance, through luxury Italian materials and high-quality crafting, the fusion of a streetwear visual allows for the collection to transition into the contemporary fashion aesthetic, a skill that Michiko Koshino appears to have mastered through the years.

Photographers - Marco Torri & Peter Fedrizzi

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