MICHIKO KOSHINO Mens Fashion week

Michiko Koshino, known for her quality and trend setting pieces once again made a huge statement in her London mens fashion week runway. Presented at the Istituto Marangoni her AW19 collection, Michiko Koshino paraded a display of structured silhouettes, combined with linear textures, bringing a collection of pieces that perfectly resembled mens fashion.

Infusing elements of pure masculinity fused with a sense of intimacy, her collection drawing influence from her past designs and inspired by 'Motor King', her latest line of mens fashion regenerated her iconic brand for the new and contemporary audience to her clothing.

Drawing on her knowledge of silhouettes and shape, the use of camouflage, leather and khaki tones, represented an defined image of masculinity, a concept that prevailed throughout the collection. Contrasting this the use of sketches and graphics from her personal archive of artistry featured across the collection providing a softer approach, displaying the sensitive side of masculinity, allowing the audience the explore the designs, and interpret her approach of their being more than meets the eye.

Incorporating her iconic use of unique silhouettes as seen in her previous designs, strong structures and escapism shone through the collection, returning to her iconic foundations that built the Michiko brand, whilst adapting her approach for contemporary fashion, and a new audience.

Turning her traditional brands style on its head while staying true to the nature of the brand, Michiko combined fluorescent bright lining throughout the garments of her collection, infusing an autumnal vibe through the use of leather and khaki outerwear creating an image of rebellion.

Attaining success from her previous collections through mainstream and cult fashion interests, the Michiko brand is continuously striving towards further success.

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