Marie Noreger | ‘Soulfully High’

Norwegian singer/creative Marie Noreger released her single ‘Soulfully High’ this September, the track was the second in the highly-anticipated leadup to her debut EP (2021) and her first introduction to the UK.

Marie was brought up in a creative family, her father a photographer, and a house-dj in his youthful days, her grandmother a painter, and her aunt a puppet maker. Music was always playing in the house, and her father taught her about obscure house-remixes from the 90s. Marie is also a freelance photographer and has a distinct and artistic expression that is perceived throughout all her projects, and everything from artwork to music videos are produced and organised Marie herself.

Speaking on her music, Marie explains; “I have a lot of emotions I haven’t processed properly, and they come out through the music. I write a lot about what it’s like to be human in the society we live in, and how it feels to be around other people.”

The 23-year-old Norwegian musician released her first single called “Adore” back in June, which was radio listed on NRK P3. Marie has two singles which are yet to be released in 2020 before she releases her debut EP in January 2021.

Speaking on the track Marie Noreger says "Soulfully High is expressing an inner journey. It was originally a poem I wrote when I was 16, facing a rough time. As a means to help myself, I was writing a lot at that time.. and it was especially this poem I kept writing on as I was growing out of the pain."

"About four years ago I went abroad to live on an island in Spain for a little while. I experienced something really nice happening inside, as I went inwards rather than looking outside myself to find happiness."

"I was often spending a lot of time alone, walking, listening to music and feeling the movement of the ocean. But I also spend some time with people that mean something special to me.. And at some point it just clicked. I realised I had no toxic energy around me, and I had the space to reconnect with myself."

"When I recorded the song two years later, I brought some of that experience into the poem. Now the song is really not sad at all. I'm basically singing to myself as if I was my best friend, lover or sister.. It became a sort of guiding song rather than a sad song telling a sad story."

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