Malan Breton | AW19

Drawing us into the world of classic 1920s characters, Malan Breton brings leather trenches, sharp tailoring, pleating and revolutionary silhouettes, allowing us to step into a world of speakeasys, smoking lounges and parlours with each individual piece linked to an iconic setting. Speaking on his inspiration Malan Breton stated “What if After Death we see the hearts of those who society drove to madness, before their utter demise. That is my vision this season for my AW19 collection.”

Modifying silhouettes from the past, Breton adds his own take for the AW19 collection reinventing traditional pieces. Transforming conventional trench coats, Breton contrasts faux fur against a gunmetal metallic sheen. Incorporating sensual reds and dramatic burgundies, gowns are hand sequined alongside leather pieces adorned in Swarovski crystals.

Furthering the luxury elements of the collection, Bretons intricate design technique of Japanese fresh water dyeing, and Taiwanese embroidery brings an original element to the collection, adding further depth to the garments.

Bringing his concept to life, Breton introduces a bold red suit coordination. Featuring sharp tailoring on the collar and shoulders, the sequin adorned suit falling to mid-thigh and fastening at the waist, was paired with a floral printed, red collared shirt. Making up the bottom half of the suit, red tapered wide leg trousers, featuring a subtle metallic sheen to the material, created an edge to the ensemble with a gentle shade variation from the suit.

The metaphor of a snake also lingers throughout the collection acting as a symbol of immortality, transformation and rebirth.

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