Magpies and Peacocks | AW19

After eight years, and 165,000lbs of post-consumer textiles diverted from landfill, the Houston based non-profit design house Magpies and Peacocks introduced two unique zero waste luxury collections for their AW19 line. Showcased at the iconic Freemasons hall each 20+ look collection was crafted from scrap fabrics, used clothing, end of line linens and bolt ends.

The first collection by Rene Garza for Magpies ‘Detux, luxury deconstructed’focused on the concept of responsibility surrounding sustainability. Redesigning post-consumer textiles, the collection highlighted the importance of reuse in the fashion and textile industry. Deconstructing luxury apparel and transforming upcycled textiles Garza creates a collection of opulence and luxury, with each item symbolising rebirth through the use of excess and waste to create beauty. Pairing each garment from repurposed textiles alongside sophisticated leather gloves shows the transition from fashion waste to luxury fashion.

The second collection titled ‘The New America’ by Jerri Moore and Clarence Lee for Magpies & Peacocks, suggests elements of past Hollywood glamour, offering a contemporary redesign to the concept. The incorporation of unexpected garments including waxed linens and upholstery jackets feature alongside unstructured layering and contrasting precise tailoring, challenges societal expectations of luxury fashion.

The second part of the collection‘#Undone’ takes the audience through the concept of self-expression and awareness, showcasing raw materials as a canvas for each individual, Moore and Lee undress the boundaries of vintage couture, through hand painted textiles designed by renowned artists Nicole Parente and Robert Hodge.

With the increased pressure for a sustainable fashion industry, Magpies and Peacocks represent a movement into the future of fashion, acting as a model for other brands to follow, towards a maintainable fashion industry.

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