• Eloise Kirton

Madman State | 'Lockdown Freestyle'

Three lingering weeks into the lockdown state of the UK amid the Covid-19 pandemic, emerging London rapper Madman State has dropped his ‘Lockdown freestyle Corona Virus Pandemic’ on Horsebizkit TV on YouTube.

The two minute long jazzy but pressing freestyle piece is set against a DIY backdrop of dark candles and projected images of anarchy assumingly mirroring the current situation around the globe. Lyrically, the piece is brimming with political references and certain cries of frustration about living through quarantine, feelings I’m sure most of us can appertain with. Lyrics such as "State of panic, let nature undo the damage, humans overpopulating, moderate the planet" is just a small segment of the brutal honesty portrayed by Madman State during his online performance.

When grilled about the meaning behind his frank lyrics Madman replied "All the ambiguous information coming out regarding COV-19 made me just wanna spill my guts on the situation and express my skepticism surrounding what we've been told.” Madman claims that “I'm not in the worst of situations but feel strongly for the people who don't have the luxuries like disposable income and space... I'm not certain but it seems there may come a time where people' frustrations becomes too much and uncontrollable."

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