LUPUS | 'Dripscription (Prod. Jessrain)' Release

Following the the release of British rap tune 'Tomahawk' underground artist LUPUS has been working on a storm with the latest instalment 'Dripscription (Prod. Jessrain)'. July 12th marks the release date of this up-beat, high tempo rap tune, the track includes LUPUS' musical house style using his unique lyrical abilities and energy persona. Modèle magazine indulge with LUPUS into the details and meanings around the lyrics and beats of 'Dripscription'.

What inspired you to call the track 'Dripscription'?

People self medicate in many different ways, this is a form that through an obsession with an image; a "drip prescription". I also think its a hilarious name, taking the word and idea of drip to new levels of cringe haha.

Why did you choose Jessrain to help produce the track?

He sent me this beat a couple of months ago and this is what I wrote when I heard it. I didn't specifically choose Jessrain, but we are always in communication and when he's got "dat fire" he knows who to send it to.

In your words what's the overall message of 'Dripscription'?

Ignorant shit, gang shit, conscious shit, alla dat, alla dat.

How did you come up with the lyrics 'If you're selling, I ain't buying, I acquire, you inquire, I stay icey with the fire, always trying to inspire'?

I was just thinking about what people who I don't fuck with do. Also, fuck what the system is trying to sell you, they just wanna control you. Idolising a certain image can control you. If that's the case you might need a dripscription for that. I know a guy if you need a hookup.

Are you hoping to accompany the song with some sick visuals?

Nada de visuals for this one. It would have been nice, but it's not happening.

How buzzing are you to release this track?

iM sUpEr StOkEd to be releasing this track. I like making music, and this track has varying elements of my vocal and writing style, something for everyone, a real family affair. So I'm looking forward to seeing the response.

What should we look out for next from LUPUS?

Nothing. I'm going into the wolf cave to summon the shamans of good and evil in an attempt to go super Saiyan for my first mixtape. Having said that I might drop some singles as and when I feel like it.

Photography by Charlotte Hopkins

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