LUPUS | Channelling darkened ideas

Making use of a dark imagination within the underground music scene is a trait that’s uncommon to find. Adopting rap and trap influences upcoming artist LUPUS is producing darkened hardcore lyrical rap in the underground scene. Using weakness to his advantage through his musical talents “I would say LUPUS is an exacerbated side of me, my music is definitely a reflection of my life”.

Expanding on his dark lyrical abilities, LUPUS benefits from elements within his life such as addiction, mental health issues and problems within society to produce distinct underground music “All the stuff I write about is stuff that’s happened to me personally”. With a dark focused style LUPUS always makes sure there’s an equal mood balance within his music “there also a very healthy dose of nonsense, like the hype, which works well in live performances”.

Relating his music style to USA band Suicide Boys LUPUS says, “my stuff is mainly freestyle, there’s elements within my music that relate heavily to the states”. Taking main musical inspiration from Canadian band Death from Above 1979 “they’re a drummer and a bassist and just have some f**king wild shit” LUPUS’ musical tone is pulling on youthful heartstrings while utilising hardcore powerful beats.

Adapting an upbeat tempo within his music LUPUS is always finding a new way to express himself, with all singles following a similar authentic characteristic he states “not all my tracks sound the same but they all fit in a certain type of style which is upbeat, high tempo and lots of energy”. Performing already at venues such as Casino, Guildford and Threshold festival Liverpool LUPUS’ music is already hitting the ears of the industry.

Latest tack Tomahawk reached 2,000 hits in one day, conveying differing messages from LUPUS’ personal life, when sent a beat from Harry Cuschieri he thought “this is fucking dope, this is a hard beat, so I just kinda started rapping off the top of my head but this one there’s no real story but there’s a few different messages, it’s a sonic missile

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