Lunyee | SS19

In an array of metallics, leather and bold colours, Lunyee stormed the runway showcasing a collection of intense futuristic fashion. With individual designs from the six designers part of the Lunyee brand, the personalities behind the clothes represented the perfect mix of a fashion movement into the future with an abundance of pleats, mesh and chain detailed shoes and boots.

Pairing the line with an assortment of colourful skinny sunglasses, woven hats and silver chains, which appeared on a number of shoes, boots and outfits within the line, the collection incorporated the features of the Chinese boomtown from which the inspiration for the line came from.

An outstanding look from the collection consisted of a grey blue, hooded fur coat featuring strands of silver glitter adding an element of the metallics, that appeared so heavily in this years Lunyee show, lined with a sheer material matching the light blue shade of the matching floor length satin dress. The strappy dress featured a cross chained detail, rolling perfectly into a delicate lace, highlighting the v neck of the dress.

A huge statement on this years runway included a range of glass, chain handle bags, featuring white printed designs and the Lunyee name illuminated by blue LED lights lining the inside of the bags.

Another dramatic yet simplistic piece of this years catwalk featured a black, satin, off shoulder, collared dress, featuring two buttons at the synched belted waist, falling into a flowing bottom, split to the waist on the right hand side and highlighting a slanted hem. The finishing aspect of the dress included a combination of brown and cream leathers, staggered in order of shade.

In a outstanding finale Lunyee revealed a transparent plastic jacket highlighting a combination of materials including a stunning purple metallic with a blue sheen and a translucent black tinted plastic. The finale piece was paired with black matte leather shorts with accentuated pockets, complementary of the black patent black leather boots, featuring an intense white platform sole.

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