Lowerhand Records | 1st Birthday party at Dalston's roof park

Celebrating a year of success Lowerhand Records hosted their 1st birthday party at Dalston Roof Park on June 21st. Over 200 tickets were sold and the venue was packed full of London's ravers demonstrating the national need for more publicity into underground sounds, as they aren't as often heard, Lowerhand Records and their team are persistent to change this.

Designing the Lowerhand platform a year ago, Andrew Kay was desperate to create a record label "I personally, founded the platform, I was making some music in a studio and I was really bored with it getting ignored by bigger labels, obviously I know they’re busy but it seemed they were ignoring me a little bit and favourite names get pushed to the front so I thought If I have my own record label, with a good sound that represents my team and me, why I don’t push myself? That's when I came up with the idea of Lowerhand, none of us was born with a silver spoon in our mouth, we worked our way up and grafted so that's how the whole Lowerhand name idea came about".

Now after a year of Lowerhand development, the team decided to host a summer celebration of music for all the underground enthusiasts of the UK's capital. A following of 1,268 on Instagram and 350 likes on facebook the record label is expanding along with the creativity of the underground music, working with both big and little artists keeping intact the diversity of the music. Lowerhand co-founder Taylor comments "Let the music do the talking, we put records out that are so good they can't, not be heard, it doesn't matter if they go number one the next day, but overall people are hearing it and hearing our sound and tonight to think 250 people turned up to celebrate the underground music." Keeping the authentic music alive, the Lowerhand team rustled up a storm at Dalston's favourite rooftop park, displaying full summer vibes and raunchy house music.

With major record labels being constantly flooded with creative music the UK seems to be shouting out for a desperate need for more public interest into underground music Andrew says "Every big record label and producer is busy, they just get lost in the mix so If we can make our own little sound, keep it together and build something around it, the only option we give to the big boys is for them to listen. It takes time to release because there are so many other artists before us. We’re trying to create a family we are just four individuals who have the same taste in music and want to represent that sound. For the first year, we covered the whole world selling records in every single region".

Remembering their old school music traditions and how impactful it can be, the Lowerhand lads are keeping things classic when promoting their underground sounds "the main priority for us is to put the music out, not just being disposable, social media is a big tool, but lets go back to old school, like in the 90s, It’s an alternative, we’re going to just make great music and then the rest follows." With all their music being available digitally on Apple Music, Beatport and Traxsource, the lads have vinyl at a reachable distance to achieve, if they keep up the musical creativity.

Keeping it fresh and current is what Lowerhand plans to do and overcome within their musical journey "Keep the variety in the sound because everybody gets bored so quick with everything so we’re going to try to keep it clever and fresh." Lowerhand Records new 5 track EP called "Fascination" is now available on all of their streaming platforms.

"Let the music talk, it doesn’t matter if the song doesn’t get number one but let people hear it" - Lowerhand Records, Andrew Kay.

Photography by Nicole Berdarn

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