Looking For Your Way Into The Fashion Industry?

Morley College London was founded with the aims to provide lifelong educational opportunities for diverse communities in London. The college was established in Waterloo in 1889 and now Morley is one of the UK’s largest and oldest specialist providers of adult education!

As a vibrant and diverse learning community, Morley College London is committed to recognising the positive impact of learning to support students to achieve their dreams. The college values creativity and is driven by the needs, interests and aspirations of our students, the shared ambitions of their stakeholders and the expertise of their staff.

In keeping with their founding principles of inclusion and social justice, Morley advocates lifelong learning as a vital contributor to personal and economic well-being. By enabling access to educational and cultural opportunities, Morley College London is a force for public good within the community.

The Undergraduate Fashion provision at Morley College London’s Waterloo Centre offers fashion courses like no other - and at a more affordable price. Their holistic approach to teaching practical, creative, social and retail elements of fashion prepares their students to take off in the industry once they graduate. The department offers both accredited qualifications & non-accredited courses for students and advanced practitioners from all backgrounds, and holds strong values about inclusivity and diversity.

  • Morley College London’s Waterloo Centre offers accredited courses for a lower price than the majority of Universities and provides the same if not better results

  • There are four distinct and accessible undergraduate courses for aspiring fashion students, including a BA (Hons) Top-Up validated by Ravensbourne University, HND & HNC in Art and Design (Fashion) as well as the popular Access to HE Fashion Studies course

  • Virtual taster days for all applicants allows potential students to participate in online workshop sessions, experience first hand the systems put in place and get a personal interview with course tutors

  • New non-accredited courses are available at Morley too! They offer subjects such as Fashion Communication and Advanced Design and Production.

  • A huge range of students study and complete their fashion qualifications at Morley College London! The intimate college setting is perfect for those who want to prepare for further study at university or postgraduate level, change career paths, prefer smaller environments, want to learn the real craftsmanship of fashion or those who are not fortunate enough to be financially prepared for a more traditional university route.

The undergraduate fashion courses that the college offers from its Waterloo Centre allow students from every background to experience fashion and learn about all aspects of the fashion industry, something which Morley is uniquely known for. The hybrid delivery of online and in-person sessions means students won’t be made to choose one subject within fashion, but they can try many different elements in order to discover their true calling and find their own pathway into the industry.

“Morley College is a force to be reckoned with. We achieve greatness with our students, being able to teach them every single element within the entire fashion. Morley teaches the entire design process, from conceptual design to realising their vision as completed garments to bringing their finished collections to market.” - ​Lynda Kinne, Programme Manager for Fashion: Advanced and Higher Education

For the Access to HE courses beginning in January, the days will be between now and January 20, and for all UCAS applications, the trial day will take place in Spring 2021. The trial day includes an online session, where applicants get to see how enjoyable online learning can be and attend a personal interview and portfolio review. The undergraduate fashion courses at Morley’s Waterloo Centre include a strong retail element, which is another signature of the curriculum. BA (Hons) Top-Up students create their own brand and pieces, and at the end of the course, ​all​ students have the opportunity to create their own pop-up where they can sell their products and develop connections with the fashion industry.

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