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Clothing - the garments used to cover ourselves. And when asked why is fashion important most people might answer with that fact - it's because we have to cover ourselves or dress ourselves in something. But, let's first establish the reason that fashion means so much is because it is more than just clothing, more than a means to cover our bodies, it is a form of self-expression and artistry.

That is the fundamental heart of Lone Design Club. At their pop up store for London Fashion Week in Soho the designers they represent all show the value of expressing their culture and personality through fashion. And it's shown with amazing craftsmanship.

If fashion is something more personal then a just wearing the trends, then Lone Design Club has garments and accessories that are unlike anything else on the fashion week stage, allowing you to truely find something unique.

For example, TOKKOU the Japanese fashion house based in London is sharing the subculture of Bosouzoku with the world. Their leather jackets and denim are inspired by the uniform of this subculture and are embroidered with motivational words such as 'Not Giving Up' and 'Unify a Country.'

Or, Studia Pia whose Luxury sustainable underwear is created with silk in shapes and styles much like an architect might think - to empower women and show that sustainable doesn't have to compromise on quality it rather enhances how sentimental and unique their garments are.

Tiana Jewel creates jewellery based on the healing and spiritual qualities of crystals, her knowledge is magnificent and through this, she produces something that has special meaning and will never go out of style.

Then there's Hoh Pabissi whose focus is on slow and ethical fashion. They were featured in Helsinki's 'Absolutely Green' fashion week earlier in the year - allowed to make fashion fully immersed in their environmentally aware initiative and give people a fashion alternative.

There are many other brands, each one as unique in their personal message and craftsmanship as the next and Lone Design Club brings them all together under one roof.

This London Fashion Week at 14-16 Great Pulteney Street come and connect with the designers behind these brands, hear their stories and find jackets, dresses, underwear, sunglasses, jewellery and bags that have a sentimental meaning. And, that have a stylish edge to anything else out there!

With a vibrant atmosphere of creatives and drinks served by Three Spirit Drinks this pop-up store is a buzz of energy and ideal for the people who want their fashion to mean something more.

Photos of the gorgeous plant-based menu press dinner Lone Design Club threw as a preview of their store

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