​Lone Design Club | A vibrant culture of fashion in Covent Garden

For 2 weeks only in Covent Garden, to celebrate London Fashion Week the Lone Design Club has opened a store, collaborating with designers to showcase their work, for the for the press, industry and consumers alike.

Lone Design Club calls itself “the antidote to fast fashion” by creating unique, one-of-a-kind pieces and celebrating sustainable, independent labels. They champion new and independent designers and give these brands a way to reach the market. As the CEO says “I founded Lone Design Club to fill the need for independent designers to connect with their customers…” And their new store does just that!

It’s an experimental retail space that allows for a more personal experience with clothing - to meet the designers behind the brands and hear their stories of inspiration and creation.

There are also many new events to come within the store, such as brand presentations, talks with the style experts and personal shoppers, so be sure to check here for all that this store has to offer, and book a place.

Monday night celebrated the opening of the store; with silver balloons and Spirit of Rose from the Lanique Rose Bar it was a glamorous occasion. However the advertising and decorations were kept minimal and the designer’s work was allowed to take centre stage. The store is packed with beautifully crafted clothes, jewellery, bags, hats, shoes and make up, with a spacious changing area and Instagram wall to capture the moment.

With designers such as Wisp, Ganor Dominic, Fabric F Free-dom, Brimstone, Jewel Tree London, Fyodor Golan, Kikiito, Gung Ho, Maria Khan, Skylence , Khu Khu and more!

Akoia Swim, with their bikini tops crafted using traditional methods by Balinese women artisans in Bali - each piece can take up to 7 days to create, and is 100% plastic free. These are not just items of clothing but as, Akoia Swim calls them; “a cultural treasure.”

Tokkou has only been going for a year and this is their third store opening; a contemporary Japanese fashion house based in London. Their work takes inspiration from the youth subculture called Bousou-Zoku; in the early 1970s over 800 teams drove customised motorcycles to show anarchy against the mainstream culture. Their collection “Shine in the Dark” is dark denim with striking Japanese embroidery based on the uniform known as the Tokkou-fuku. The collection is truly beautiful and powerful, with a splash of that ‘rebel’ attitude.

Finally, Edward Mongzar with dresses that swirl with the pattern of marble in pastel tones; delicate and feminine. All the pieces are dyed and dried using no electricity and the water used to dye them is recycled - a more sustainable approach to fashion.

The store is a vibrant showcase of culture, with authentic, unique items and the chance to connect with the stories behind them. It’s a chance to wear something that means a little more, and is representing something more than just looking good, although looking good is not something you’ll have to worry about - these brands are gorgeous. The store is such an exciting place to be this London Fashion Week!

9th - 22nd of September

138 Long Acre, Covent Garden, WC2E 9AA

Photos: Vitalij Sidorovic for Boyfriend Mag.

Written by Caroline Louise Hamar.

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