Lina Simons | 'Lina is Back' behind the scenes

Last week Modèle magazine was invited to party behind the scenes with Lina Simons and friends on her new music video 'Lina is Back'. Setting up and shooting at Studio 101, London the energy was buzzing along with Lina's creative inspiration and attitude.

Reaching into the world of London's underground music scene, Modèle's team uncover Lina's values and messages she underlines in her new upcoming music video.

How long ago start the ideas around 'Lina is Back' has it been a long process?

I wrote 'Lina is Back' when I was in Italy in December but finished the song in March. It took a long time because of university and work but I was determined.

What were your top 3 inspirations when writing the lyrics for 'Lina is Back'?

I actually wrote the track when I was grieving from my father's death back in November. I was very hungry and I discovered in that period Rico Nasty, a rapper that does "Sugar Trap". I released my latest song in October 2018 and I thought It was time to come back with something new.

What made you work closely with Grygorian in the production of this track?

I was looking for beat types on Youtube and I found out about Gregoryan. I reached out to him on Instagram to ask him about his beats and he was very kind and answered immediately for every question I had. He is a Russian producer so we worked very long distance but I am actually planning to release 2-3 more songs produced by Grygorian.

What were the trails and errors like? Did it take a long time to get the track perfect?

I already knew what I wanted when I went it the studio, so It wasn't a big fuss because I just had to record it.

Does the track reflect you as a person and an artist through the lyrics and video?


I have a big ego, and because I am aware of that I try to stay humble as much as I can. In this case, I wanted to give a taste of my personality which I think is more than bubbly. With this song and the ones coming I want to show that I have the right skills. I think I am a good rapper or I wouldn't be doing this.

How did you create lyric "these motherfuckers don't know I got mood swings"?

Well, this lyric actually represents a part of me. I really have heavy mood swings, I think is because I get easily influenced by the weather, haha. I like to change my mind, change my style and always find out about new things. You never know what's going on with me.

Is the laugh at the end of the track a staple in your musical career? Is it something we expect to see in all your tracks\music videos?

I actually just added the laugh because I liked it but now that you make me think about it, it could be something that I might reuse.

What the next step for your music and the path it will take? Should we expect more songs like 'Lina is Back'?

I am actually doing many gigs, just performed at the Brockley Max Festival and I am planning on doing more. I also recorded some songs ready to be released so yes, expect something even better than Lina is back.

'Lina is Back' music video goes live on Youtube June 25th, keep tuned to be blown back by Lina. Check out the upbeat track and Lina's previous beats on her Youtube, Soundcloud, and Spotify.

Filmed by Jimmy Chiba

Photography by Izzy Clark

Starring Mariam, Aaron Anderson, Jenna and Tommy, Izabel Rose and Lina Simons

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