Lil Little

Lil Little a Soundcloud rapper from London has been producing music for almost 4 years. With his growing fan base, the rapper has released his first sound cloud album 'Little Tape Vol 1', with his style following the music of the Miami and South Florida Underground Scene.

What influences your music?

I started fully listening to music and focusing on it around 2010 (watched MTV and those Top 40/50 music chart shows,  whichever it was, religiously to see what people enjoyed listening to. At first the rapper Chipmunk was starting to get famous so he was my favourite rapper at the time and i tried to be more like him in terms of his style of rapping. Thats what got me into Grime and rapping in general. I would listen to a lot of Turkish Rock and classical music alongside many other genres to mix things up a bit as Grime started to get a bit repetitive and boring. Years later I started shifting more to the American scene and started focusing more on South Florida underground artists which was when I first discovered the likes of Lil Pump, Smokepurpp and XXXtentacion (before they were known worldwide) the style of music they made was very simple yet effective, trash but lit at the same time. It was as if anyone could make those types of songs and get famous off it. Thats when i went and bought my first music equipment and started making music. I released my first song “Reload” which gained about 15,000 plays on soundcloud (soundcloud sadly deleted my old account due to copyright issues which sucks). You can search “ZIAS!  Lil Wolf - Reload Reaction” on youtube if you wanna watch a reaction video, theyre big youtubers now!) Afer that I just carried on making simple but hype songs and i still stick to that underground south florida scene till this day.

What are you aiming for with producing music?

Having fun at the moment, doing it as a hobby but if i happen to blow up by a miracle then it is what it is. But I highly doubt that without any promotion.

Do you write the lyrics yourself?

Sometimes i write the first verse and then i cant be bothered and freestyle the rest. Lil Wayne freestyles all his songs so fuck it.

Do you create your own beats to the music or do you use samples?

YouTube is a great place to get free beats from producers who are trying to make it also, thats where i get all my beats from.

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