Let's dive into Fashion Illustration...

In the last week open to apply for the Fida awards (Fashion Illustration and Drawing Awards) let's dive into the world of fashion illustration. Perhaps this weekend a little last-minute inspiration, for those applying, will flounce into play as you cast your eye over these exquisite pieces below. Always trust the survival instinct of the last-minute inspiration.

Below are a few fashion illustrators whose work demonstrates the talent and importance of art within the fashion industry, from street style, catwalks, product designs, murals and live painting. Here is a small showcase of their work as they tell Modéle all about themselves and how fashion inspires their art - with links to connect with their work even more.

Francesco Lo Iacono

An Italian illustrator based in London. His work, with a delicate touch, encompasses all that people adore about fashion - how different, how colourful, how cultural, yet how timeless fashion is. He has worked with a wide range of clients including Dior, Louis Vuitton, Off-White, Fendi, JW Anderson, Bottega Veneta, L'Officiel Italia and Selfridges.

"I first started getting interested in fashion photography, when I was about to end my two years master in photography. Like many illustrators, I have been into drawing since I was a child, so at some point, fashion illustration became the perfect and natural mix of my main interests.

I like to think that my style is quite delicate, romantic in a way and timeless. But I love to hear what other people think of my work and I always hope to keep evolving. 

Inspiration can be found anywhere: street style, fashion shows, music videos, magazines, art exhibitions. I consider myself pretty lucky as I've always had the chance and the pleasure to work on very different projects. I actually love working on a brief to find the best solutions together with my clients, but I also enjoy when I have complete freedom to explore new things. Being an illustrator today involves many tasks, in this way my job is different every day, and I guess this is one of the reasons why I love my job so much."

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/franloiacono/

Hatty Pedder

Hatty Pedder is a British Illustrator/ Artist based in Dubai.  Her work is a bright, vibrant tangle of a fashion fanatic - she manages to capture more than just what is seen. Instead, her work captures the wild imagination behind many fashion creations whilst adding her own witty comments or reflections. With a style that is recognised globally, she has an extensive portfolio of advertising, branding, live events and editorials - working with brands such as Jimmy Choo, Ted Baker, Mini Cooper, Four Season Dubai and Tiffany&Co.

Hatty is "inspired by people, fashion, lifestyle and different cultures, her work is observational, witty, fresh, vibrant and conceptual. Whether she’s exhibiting her new collections, undertaking private commissions, illustrational projects or live drawing/painting at events for renowned brands such as Cartier, Lanvin or Raffles Hotel Dubai, creating bespoke illustrated branding or murals her vibrant beguiling style is instantly recognizable and sought after by brands, agencies and private clients across the world."

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hatty_pedder/

Laura Laine

Laura Laine is a Helsinki based visual artist and illustrator who has received multiple awards for her work. With a distinct style that has a dark sensual power, allowing fashion to assist her artwork in exploring silhouettes and the female figure - with hand-drawn pieces that can be described as surrealist. She has exhibited in Dubai, Tokyo, New York, the Netherlands, London, Los Angeles and Helsinki, and worked with Vogue Japan, Vogue Italy, Vogue Germany, Givenchy, Elle, The New York Times, The Guardian, Harvey Nichols and Pantene.

"Originally I studied fashion design, but was always much more interested in drawing than designing. I didn’t have the idea of pursuing any specific career path at that point, but it happened very organically that I started to illustrate for fashion magazines and brands.

Fashion has always been a huge source of inspiration for me.

In my illustration work, I’m interested in studying silhouettes, volumes and material, my illustration aesthetics has always been a bit “dark” but to me, it’s about studying the more empowering nuances about it."

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/laine_laura/

Manjit Thapp

A U.K. based artist whose illustrations focus on female characters, not describing herself fully as a 'fashion illustrator' but letting flare of fashion represent personality, culture and, sometimes, indulging her passions for street style within her work. The layering of textures and patterns within her art gives a deeper atmosphere and tone - often one of mystery or power. With a huge following on Instagram and clients such as Penguin Random House, Tate, Google, Apple, Stylist and ITV she is making her mark and representing all she loves along the way.

"My work combines digital and traditional media and I enjoy layering textures and patterns to create my illustrations. Much of my art revolves around female characters that often have an air of mystery and silence. I set out creating artwork by wanting to evoke a particular feeling or atmosphere that can be interpreted by the viewer. As an illustrator, I balance working on both personal work and commission work.

I would say colours and feelings inspire my work most as well as fashion and music. I wouldn’t consider myself a ‘fashion illustrator’ but I do enjoy drawing street style illustrations and illustrating from runways in my downtime. It’s fun to replicate fashion looks in my own style and I find it’s helped me improve drawing different hair/makeup styles as well as different fabrics. Fashion inspires my personal work because if there is a piece of clothing or makeup look I love it always ends up finding it’s way into my illustrations."

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/manjitthapp/

Margot Van Huijkelom

This Dutch artist captures delicate scenes of beauty and feminity with her line drawings and diluted colours. Immersed in Parisian elegance, she has worked as a beauty illustrator for Lancôme, l'Oréal and Clarins. Also, has collaborated with magazines such as Vogue, Harrods magazine and L'Officiel Japon. You can find her work during the spring/summer haute couture shows in the daily newspaper Le Monde.

In Tokyo Margot "discovered a discipline that will become a source of inspiration for her work: the art of woodblock prints (Ukiyo-e=Japanese prints), A delicate technique characterized by fine and precise lines on hand made paper. This is how Margot develops her own approach that mixes abstraction with precision. Her art is a poetry of contrasts. There are superimposed opposites in the greatest delicacy, in simplicity and sublimity."

Margot's illustrations provide a world where "the woman remains protagonist, it is her apparatus that emerges from her paper, decisive, compelling. Margot takes us where she wants to bring us, and her lines that she runs in pencil, brush or pen, are like a bridge between the real and the imaginary. She takes us into her universe, technical and poetic, and she tells us the women through her own eyes, inhabited by passion and talent. Margot seems to give us a magnificent metaphor for women. As is likely the artist, the woman is the personification of the fusion of opposites, when the personality wants to be strong and plural. When she must be gentle and courageous at the same time, romantic and liberated, elegant and sensual also ... In her sublime works, there is an obviousness that arises distinctly but without warning: this woman who sketches women manages to represent all that we are intrinsically, in our complexity and beauty. A beautiful ode to the woman and her femininity"

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/margot_van_huijkelom/

Each of these artists have expressed their vision of fashion through illustration but also a vision of sensuality, femininity or power. Clothing can be an extension of one's personality and by allowing exaggeration, silhouettes, dramatic shading or soft watercolour, these specific techniques of art help to capture the personality behind these styles. And, help us to understand the power of fashion...

The Fida awards are open until midnight on the1st February. There are three different awards to suit all fashion illustrators with the chance for your work to be discovered, critiqued and maybe... Become award-winning. With no experience or published work needed this is a great opportunity to put your work out there.

Learn more and apply here.

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