LE SILLAGE SS20 | A fashion show debut

'Le Sillage', with Fashion Scout at Victoria House, brings a fashion show with unconventional suit garments and an all dark colour collection.

Jointly founded by Chen Qiyang and Sun Shiyu; 'Le Sillage' means, in French, 'to follow' and shows the brands intent to start an independent fashion company of new ideas - in a world of fast moving fashion 'Le Sillage' hopes to make us find time to discover our style and not become 'machines.'

This is the brand's first show, the new ready-to-wear avant-garde collection is a striking assemble of all black garments for men and women. All of the clothing is gender neutral. With the inspiration of creating a distinct style, and putting 'design' back into fashion, rather than the quick turn over and small profits seen recently in fashion. These are elegant, chic pieces that allow personality to come through even in the most conventional of garments, a suit. The brand reconstructs the idea of blazer, dresses and skirts.

One suit jacket is backless, a rectangle cut out of the material. This makes for a defiant statement piece; a very formal and business orientated attire being crafted to fit personality, breaking away from the stereotype, and allowing a subtly hint of sexually to come through the androgynous idea of women in suits.

With black shirts down to the knees, on one, a clown painted with messy, watery strokes and in pastel colours. Many of the pieces have graffiti inspired paintings and embroidery.

The fashion show was packed with people and there was a buzzing energy to see their first debut down the catwalk. 'Le Sillage' could fast become a staple designer for such business attire that represent something bolder. 'Le Sillage' has cut into the traditional and put 'design' back at the top of the list.

Photography - Izzy Clark

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