Koko Lé Darko | Authentic emotive vibes

Authenticity is key within the underground music scene of the UK, creating tracks from your bedroom studio set up highlights the contextually raw passion for tunes. Underground artists Koko Lé Darko from Dagenham, East London describes his music as an alternative wave granting an emotional experience “my music is more of a wave of emotions ranging from lighter ones such as happiness and excitement to deeper ones like sadness and loneliness.”

23-year-old underground artists Koko stays focused when it comes to making original authentic music “I make sure that everything I do is authentic and true to myself. I stay in my lane as in I don’t follow what’s “popping” I just do me. I think that sets me apart from the rest”. Having melodic and harmonised elements in his tracks Koko’s lyrics equally match the beat put alongside. Inspirations of his come from artists like Tupac, Beyonce and Vybz Kartel while he was growing up in East London.

Already gaining responses from his music Koko’s following is expanding with every release “I was checking some of my plays and I had some in Portugal, Lithuania and Australia, that really caught me off guard”. Reaching a global audience for an underground artist may have been an easy ride of Koko, but he is continually supporting other artists “there are so many people like myself trying to do this and on the come-up, I find it so inspiring.”

Koko’s latest track ‘Treasure’ streamed on February 14th on Spotify and Instagram IGTV including visually entertaining graphics, Koko comments on the track production process “I heard the beat and instantly felt something, 5 minutes later the chorus just came to me and I started to think about my girlfriend, the idea of love, then the lyrics came flooding out”.

The future of Koko is bright, his newest track ‘Life in Colour’ is in development, with plans of dropping later this year. “It’s going to be filled with many vibes, many emotions” Koko still plans to keep his music authentic and raw cooped up with feelings, keep tuned for his newest releases.

Check out Koko's Youtube here.

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