KeepVibesNear | Male poetic songwriting

Raised in East London and Essex melodic male singer Kevin explores slow tones and harmonies using his unique strong male voice. Creating the stage name KeepVibesNear 23-year-old Kevin connects his music to strong emotional feelings and attitudes in a peaceful and chilled direction. "I try not to put my sound into a box because I gather inspiration from all sorts of places but I’d like to think of it as like a contemporary take on RnB."

Connecting to literature and poetry, freestyle became a natural part of KeepVibesNear music alongside his strong messages around relationships and romance. With all attempts to hypnotize peers with his relaxing harmonised sounds KeepVibesNear has produced three singles from 2018 and his first album called 'When Will You Realise' released on Spotify in 2019. Track 'Counting My Woes' from this recent album is in high demand, with over 5k hits the melodic sound mixes his lyrical abilities and projects his emotional mindset.

Roaring with passion for songwriting and interest in artists who experiment with emotive content KeepVibesNear finds likeable elements from all over the musical spectrum "my biggest inspirations are taken from Daniel Caesar, King Krule & John Mayer. I really connected with their cadence and songwriting." Super chilled out KeepVibesNear keeps his music close to him very much likes his inspirations "I very much think of my songs as outbursts. Let yourself be overwhelmed by it and sometimes its a matter of just losing yourself in what you are doing and not get too caught up on technicalities."

Blessed with magical music moments KeepVibesNear keeps performing at regular concerts "I feel like every performance is better than the last but my fave. Two favourites would be a show I did for RCRDSHOP at box park Shoreditch and AuxChordsPresents for Off The Cuff, it was an amazing turnout and I don’t get nervous for performance but sometimes I’m unsure how the crowd will take my sound. So when I get a crowd like that that give their full attention and are very responsive it's amazing. After my first song I could just feel from people’s face they were enjoying it and I don’t think I’ll forget that energy. "

Plans are in motion for the upcoming future of KeepVibesNear, he plans to collaborate with similar underground artists "I have a few songs coming with artists like Amber Perri, Jodie B, Kinkai & Danny Sanchez as well as other names but I need to get a verse from my KISH! From 237". Eyes set on headlining his own show in London KeepVibesNear is creating and planning alongside other artists and further exploring the music scene, check out his latest music and videos here.

"I’m a fan as well so I just want people to get that same feeling I do when I find an artist I like." - KeepVibesNear

Photography by Angles + Edits (Jerome)

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