Keep Vibes Near | 'Days Get Better'

Embodying emotion in his latest music video, Keep Vibes Near released his neutral bliss of visuals for his newest track 'Days Get Better' on March 17th 2020. Incorporating clever intimate couple scenes alongside artistic sequences, Keep Vibes Near projects his signature 'heart on his sleeve' persona in the making of 'Days Get Better'. Modéle speaks closely with Keep Vibes Near on his journey, inspiration and intentions behind his latest track and video.

Describe your journey so far building yourself as a musician?

My journey so far has been amazing. There something fulfilling about doing something you love and start to reach your own personal milestones. I’ve met some amazing artists and producers on the way to where I am.

What was the concept behind your latest single 'Days Get Better'

The concept for the song was meant to be like a journey through a crumbling love. The song to me shows the process of trying to overcome. I think compromise is real important in life. So this song is like the epitome to that in love sometimes you just need to accept things and have faith shit will get better. So in the video, I really wanted to just show the different points of that. The cold days were you don’t talk much. The days you all loved up. Then the days you just raging at each other lol.

What were your main inspirations behind the track?

My main inspo was love lol. Obviously, I feel like that’s one of the few things I can say I’ve experienced to an extent. Plus I really wanted to try a playful song but with content, people can relate to. I feel like a lot of guys can relate to letting a girl down lol. Plus girls can relate to having to deal with that and overcoming.

Who are your favourite people to collaborate with, why?

Harvey Whyte cause he the absolute g. Been working a lot since last summer so he my fave person to work with. Danny Sanchez is my g too. We got some heat and the energy is just there. I actually performed my first ever show on the same lineup as him back in like 2018 which feels crazy to say now.

Explain what happened in the making of your music video?

The music video was a great time. Erm Evie Golding directed and Domizia Salusest was the DOP they did a great job bringing it to life. We wanted to show the different levels of love in a way that wasn’t so similar to my other videos. Feel we did a great job.

Directed By Evie Golding

Filmed by Domizia Salusest

Prod by S.Chu

Colour Graded By Silence Aitken-Till

Edited by Matt Pitman

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