Kea | Romancing with the male voice

Creating musical art in the underground scene is an everyday occurrence but upcoming underground singer Kea from Birmingham delivers original sweet sounds using his vocal cords. Saying his music “is an experience, melodic and mellow”.

Kea’s main focus is set on romance and women, he states he’s “here to speak positivity and talk about real situations.” With his lyrics being consumed by romance and relationships he uses slow melodic beats in his music alongside the romantic lyrics creates an original male vocal sound in the underground scene.

Taking his main musical inspiration from big named artists like Michael Jackson, Pharrell and Drake, 21-year-old Kea’s persona is highlighted within his tracks “Bits of my personality are reflected in my music, it’s quite romantic and realistic and I guess that’s me”.

Getting inspired by music when around his friends having fun and getting creative, the music scene grew on Kea by feeling already part of the scene. “I first got into music because of fun, I always knew I was going to make it at one point because I have always been around the studio or my friends who used to rap at the time. But everyone has written music, I just decided to make it fully and commit to it. But in terms of a push, my friend Devsz guided me towards the right path and basically pushed it out for me, the best thing someone has ever done for me!”

With Kea’s following being bigger than he had ever expected, he’s constantly surprised by the underground music scene “I just am grateful for evert listen, play, share and even the likes, I understand artistry more and really have found my lane, but this is just the beginning.”

Kea’s Stigma EP sequel Stigma II dropped on May 23rd being the ultimate art worthy track in Kea’s mind he describes the process of development being full of “late nights and frustration because of difficulty in crafting art”. The track is available on Apple music, Spotify and Google.

More tracks are up and coming from Kea over the rest of the year he’s planned to work with many more artist by branching out to artists music he's interested in.

Photography by Yosei & Tes

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