Katrine Korsun | A Designer to Watch

Fusing a bright, vibrant energy into each piece, the Korsun brand has a design suited to every personality. Born in Marbella in 2015 the brand has established a strong reputation of originality within the industry. Releasing seven collections over the past four years, each design continues to act as a wearable work of art, incorporating sculptural silhouettes alongside intricate details drawn from the creative originality of designer, Katrine Korsun.

Rapidly building as a brand Korsun is breaking the confinements of design, Creative Director Katrine creates a unique style of proprietary prints, embroidery and colour combinations, signature to her as a designer. Beginning to move towards the fashion capitals, the consistent aim of obtaining a global recognition remains a primary goal for Korsun “There are plans to enter the American market, hold fashion shows there, perhaps even open a store”.

Representing a bright vibrant energy through each piece and pushing the boundaries of mainstream design techniques, Korusn moves away from the generic, transitioning into the innovative, each piece aimed at women with a unique style and strong character, traits that mirror the brands influential designs. “The Korsun heroine does not tolerate boredom, banality, triviality and austerity, she does not obey stereotypes either. Her mission is to be the sunshine on cloudy days and to be the one who gives joy to the world! She cares about what remains after her, and this motivates her to paint the world in bright colours. She seeks to enjoy a life full of emotions and fresh impressions. She multiplies her life experience and gets pleasure from her appearance”.

Combining quality with an exquisite design approach, Korsun and its rich style, projects the personality of the brand, transforming fashion through daring and vivid colour palettes, whilst catering to the contemporary woman. “Transforming and changing this world, we create bold, high-quality, fashionable and bright clothes. In other words, aiming to be Korsun. When your clothes are art.”

Influenced by her own individuality and curiosities, Katrine draws inspiration from an array of culture “I love traveling, visiting museums and exhibitions. I love everything which is connected with architecture and art”. Fusing each garment with emotion, the designer’s passions are offered to a global audience of women through each design. “the sources of my inspiration in creating the collections are usually the architecture of Southern Spain, in particular, the famous palace Alhambra which belonged to the Arabian Kings, as well as the tropical forests of the former Spanish colonies.” Devoting three collections to freedom, each collection represented this primary concept through the inclusion of bird prints, combining an underlying symbolism of divinity, victory and personification of the soul. “I was inspired by the work of modern Spanish self-taught artist Mercedes Lagunes whose work emits energy and joy.”

With an eighth collection on the way, the limitless creativity of Katrine and the inimitable originality of the Korsun brand, invites us in to an exciting anticipation of what is to come in the upcoming collection. “The source of inspiration, for the creating the new collection, was Mexico with its outlandish nature, rich history with archaeological monuments of the Aztecs and Maya, colonial palaces and hospitable residents. The variety of colours and daring combinations, love of life and the ability to enjoy it, incredible Mexican flavour”.

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