Katie Ann McGuigan | AW19

Presenting a collection of culture with an edge, Katie Ann McGuigan draws inspiration from the JapaneseBösözuku, a subculture of underground bikers in japan, gaining traction and popularity in the 80’s and 90’s. Taking a new approach to this concept for her AW19 collection Mcguigan designs from an aspect of female underground bikers, combining her signature knitwear, with heavy motor cycle leathers

Creating contemporary and graphic silhouettes through a new design process, bold patterns and statement prints, play alongside heavy leathers, creating an element of streetwear to the luxury collection, through the carefully placed layering of textured prints.

Adding a new twist to her renowned knitwear, the AW19 collection implemented vibrant palettes of mint, lilacs and a delicate beige, coordinated with the intricate set design. Integrating basics from previous collections, the vibrant pallet introduces a new aesthetic for the designer, generating a divide from her earlier work and excelling the brand into a distinctive design style.

After receiving the Fashion Scout merit award for her first collection debut, featuring heavy prints, Katie Ann Mcguigan has demonstrated a progression in her vision, continuing to incorporate strong prints into her work, whilst developing a contemporary vision built upon her signature style.S

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