California founded, tennis brand K-Swiss showcases editorial fashion collections within their collaborative KLASS OF '19 publication. Seeking many young entrepreneurs and emerging talent the publication represents from every element of Europe's most pioneering founders and creatives of this generation. Within the lastest KLASS OF '19 instalment, K-Swiss team up with Marleen Ettema to create 'Darkness In Colour'.

Raised in a small town in Holland Marleen Ettema always had her heart set on the city life in Amsterdam. Breaking free from the boxed-in town at age 16 Marleen finally fulfilled her city dream, networking her way around the fashion industry with other young creatives. Starting out as a stylist assistant on shoots, she pushed for her own secure styling jobs with strong passions to work with bands and musicians. Now an Amsterdam-based freelance stylist and fashion assistant, Marleen has harnessed a unique style and sought-after aesthetic.

'Darkness in colour' delivers retro colour schemes, sports garments and signature streetstyle. The concept flourishes young peoples abilities to control their own mindset for the benefit of themsleves Marleen describes it further. “How we perceive things depends on how we view the world around us; this can either be positive or negative. Elements or situations that normally come across as negative do not have to be that way. This concept is basically Yin and Yang translated into images. New ideas are born from struggle and everyone experiences some sort of struggle in their lives. Things are only as negative as you think they are. Freeing that mindset, stepping outside of that box, which for me was my old home town. When you step out of that you’ll see much more. Colour for me symbolizes what is out there for you to gain. This endless rainbow with this pot of gold at the end.”

The use of colour and emotion is prominent within the collaboration delivering Marleens intentions, alongside the signature use of lime green and purple statement pieces from K-Swiss.

"KLASS OF '19" unites a broad spectrum of people who all share the same drive, passion and perseverance in their field and was Initially formulated towards the end of 2017. With the publication delving into stories and successes of young business founders across the UK in 2019, it's no surprise of the inspiring nature "KLASS OF" possesses.

Ashley Deverell, K-SWISS Marketing Manager says "Our vision for Klass of 19 was to showcase a diverse set of talented individuals, from up-and-coming creatives to more established young business owners. K-SWISS is defined by entrepreneurial spirit and creativity; our contributors are the embodiment of these qualities and I truly believe they are destined for great things in their respective industries."

Check out Marleen Ettema's "Darkness in colour" in K-Swiss's latest "KLASS OF '19".

Director and Fashion Stylist: Marleen Ettema

Photographer: Rebecca Eskilsson

Hair: Melis Avci

MUA: Elvira Hilgevoord

Models: Ezra Cheuk-A-Lam & Lois Rijgersberg

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