• Eloise Kirton

K CAMP | "KISS 5" Deluxe

Atlanta based hip hop artist/ rapper K Camp has returned with his new slower tempo album ‘Kiss 5’ deluxe this autumn. ‘Kiss 5’ is his fourth studio album and is now the second release to peak in the Top 30 of the Billboard 200. With featuring artists like Jeremih and Ari Lennox, some of the finest in the R&B game right now, this album does not disappoint and without question will get you all up in your feels within the first few songs.

You might have stumbled across K Camp over the last 18 months from his track ‘Lottery’ aka ‘Renegade’ on TikTok which generated a new viral dance craze last year. According to app statistics, ‘Lottery’ was not only used as a sound over 30 million times but managed to generate more than 3 billion views on the Tik Tok app, making K Camp’s music more widely known to us almost overnight. However, you may have been one of the many fans of his music from before his heightened TikTok fame and enjoyed albums such as “Rare Sound” and “Only Way Is Up”, his earlier but equally as masterly material.

K Camp began his career at the beginning of the 10s decade as an underground artist in his city of Atlanta but then began to achieve commercial success after releasing “Money Baby” featuring Kwony Ca$h and then “Cut her off” with 2 Chainz in 2013. These platinum hits shortly led up to the first release with major-label Interscope, his “In Due Time” EP. Shortly after this, K Camp was featured in XXL’s Freshman Class of 2015 and released his debut album “Only Way Is Up”. The album successfully made it to number 5 on the Billboard 200 in R&B/hip-hop and gave K Camp the veracious recognition he deserved. Since then, K Camp has released multiple highly successful albums, EP’s and singles and his progress as an artist and therefore fanbase has continued to grow rapidly. The mass hype around Lottery(Renegade)’ being a major high in K Camp’s career, bringing praise and attention to his music from a whole new audience. The success with this record thoroughly proving that as an artist he has the versatility to go from being a low-key underground rapper representing his roots in Atlanta to conforming with the ever-changing music industry and successfully breaking through the biggest challenge for artists in this new decade of music consumption, TikTok.

“Kiss 5” deluxe, K Camp’s most recent album, sadly brings us the final chapter of his “Kiss” series which has been progressing since his first instalment in 2011, providing us with endless “slow jams”. The essence behind the “Kiss” series is to reveal the intimate, gentler side to K Camp’s music and act as a specific collection of songs that are more lyrically heartfelt and impassioned paired with seemingly romantic instrumentals. Commenting on the series K Camp said: "I started making the K.I.S.S. projects in my momma's basement…when I first started it, I noticed the females were really drawn into it. I always made music for the ladies but never dedicated projects to the ladies. So I kept doing it through my career." He continues: "I never thought I was gonna get to number five! But it's been a decade of K.I.S.S. projects. It's mind-blowing to think about."  “Kiss 5” was released earlier this year and gave us fine-tuned collaborations with the likes of Jeremih, Ari Lennox and 6Lack and the single “What’s On Your Mind ft Jacquees” from the album reached the 22ndspot on the Billboard Hot R&B. The new deluxe edition gives us 6 new tracks including collaborations with Sevyn Streeter and ARI.

Last week I got the chance at Modèle to join in on K Camp’s writer's press conference over Zoom. A collective of writers and journalists across the world were given the opportunity to ask him about all things “Kiss 5” and also about his life as an artist in the current global situation. Our question to K Camp was regarding his recent performance at Gateway Centre parking lot in Atlanta, his home town, after 6 months of not performing live. We wanted to know how important this for him as it wasn’t only connecting with fans again after months of quarantine but connecting with his fans from his home city. K Camp went onto address how much love he gets in Atlanta and explained: “The turnout was crazy. I gave them more songs than I was paid to do so that was a good sign. It was a dope vibe and I wouldn’t mind doing it again but I really want to go on a real tour soon and the next time I do a show in Atlanta it will have to be put together the real way.” He continued: “That’s the reason I make this damn music is to perform in front of the fans and to feel the energy and love from people who love my shit you know… just making the music and sitting at home, that shit is not fun, I don’t recommend that”.

Now like many other successful artists, K Camp recognises the importance of authentic music labels and using his success to help other aspiring artists. He has created his own platform “Rare Sound” to help others in the game and to discover the raw talent that he believes investing in. At the end of the press conference, K Camp explained that he really wants his fans to understand that in 2021 he’s going into “Exec mode” and not only does he want to continue with his own artistic journey but he truly wants to “build something” with his label. He explains that this is because “when my time is up I can still see the fruits of my labour” and we couldn’t agree more with K Camp’s ongoing and sustained attitude to being an artist in the present day, helping others achieve the same success he has had over the last 10 years. K Camp ended the Zoom discussion with a positive cheer saying “I’m in exec mode 21!” and we have no doubts that with this energy he surely will be.

Being the last in the series, the “Kiss 5” album has not downcast the “Kiss” reputation to any extent but instead closed the chapter with nothing but success and has triumphantly paid tribute to the hard work invested over time by K Camp and his immensely hard-working collaborating teams. Be sure to follow K Camp on social media and join the boasting 1.1M followers he has on Instagram alone watching his success grow. You can keep up to date with the great plans he has for the new year focusing on touring, expanding his label and of course blessing us with huge new music for the year we hope to be a much-needed improvement on 2020.

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