Jung Mergs | 'Paranoia'

East London rapper/producer Jung Mergs presents ‘Paranoia’ - premiered via Trench Mag. Jung Mergs is an export from indie label Plus TRBE Recordings and has received praise from Complex UK, Mixtape Madness and The Pit LDN in the wake of his 2019 debut EP ‘Vibrations and Consciousness’ and 2020 single ‘Revenge’.

‘Paranoia’ is a conversation between Mergs and his weed induced anxiety, that pleads for release from psychosis, addiction and destructive habits. Known as Hip Hop’s dominant creative fuel, marijuana’s negative capabilities are seldom acknowledged within the scene, and this candid dialogue presents a rare opportunity for empathy and encourages an early escape for others.

Underpinned by minimal drum work, this self-produced selfless work defies the weak ego and spits raw truths about the fragility of the human mind. In the second half of the track, the psychosis takes the mic and speaks back to Jung Mergs, metaphorically implying that the weed and the paranoia are indeed a separate entity from ourselves that we can escape from.

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