• Eloise Kirton

Joro | 'Matador'

London based collective Joro have released their new song ‘MATADOR’ which is a part of their new EP- available to download on Soundcloud.

Joro, being a group with diverse ethnicity and culture have written Matador in tribute to Grenfell tower, the tragedy that occurred in west London in 2017 affecting people across the extremely diversified community in the borough. The band have voiced that their song is a ‘critique of the ideology of austerity and an irresponsible laissez- faire political class’ uttering that they detest a government system which fails it people through ignorance and idiocy.

The jazzy, seven minute long composition represents the diversity in London’s music heritage and celebrates the sounds that resonate through the city making London one of the most powerful and distinctive sounding cities in the world. Matador develops from beginning to end, expressing deep- rooted emotion felt by the community who need still need justice. The expression travels effortlessly from every melody to every lyric in the song, telling the story of the people. Joro display mightily but beautifully through Matador that ‘Justice for Grenfell’ is still as important as it ever was.

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