Jolin Wu | AW19

Inspired by a vintage photograph of a crowd viewing a lunar eclipse Jolin Wu presents a collection that evolves from the past to the future. Drawing on her distinctive inquisitiveness surrounding the universe, Wu incorporates the notion of past curiosity before a world of immediate answers from technology, enthusing the audience to slow down in a digital age.

Combining womenswear and her first menswear collection, smashing the boundaries of traditional runways, Wu establishes a co-existence between men and womenswear and interpreting the future of fashion for each sex. Conveying individuality and ensuring the preservation of an individual’s own unique style, whilst moving past a gender-neutral focus to the collection.

Creating a gentle movement from past to present to future, elements from retro sportswear are infused alongside futuristic detailing. Blending a range of unexpected fabrics including Silk, cotton, lace and waterproofs in an assortment of textiles, Wu further drives her concept through the inclusion of spliced art prints playing with a stimulating colour palette including silver, neon yellow, lemonade pink and electric indigo.

Adapting classic silhouettes to relate to all genders, the collection reimagines the past modifying design techniques to fit a contemporary audience, through a sleek aesthetic filled with emotional depth filtered from Wu, building on her concept regarding the universe and the fantasy that built the collection.

One piece to draw all elements of her notion together features an unexpected combination of tones and materials, a neon green jumper presenting graphic prints of planets and the universe acted as a statement to the piece, further built upon by the layering of a dulled white partially transparent, knee length water proof jacket and matching trousers.

Drawing the audience of freemasons hall into her concept, Jolin Wu generates an hint of imagination to the collection transitioning from past to present, moving one step further to introduce an notion of futuristic fashion.

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