Johnstons of Elgin | AW19

Weaving the heritage of the brand into the Autumn Winter 2019 collection, Johnston’s of Elgin draws inspiration from the golden age of 1920’s and 1930’s empire and travel. Combining opulent deep shades with delicate tailoring the collection introduces a range of new shapes and silhouettes formed from classic Scottish crafted fabrics.

Offering a contemporary spin to the traditional cashmere classics, the collection introduces comfort and warmth through soft double face matte and velour cashmere in the form of coats designed specifically for the new collection. Showcasing the brands new superfine merino and cashmere stretch materials, a range of 10 chunky statement sweaters build the knitwear aspect of the collection, paired with striking accessories featuring bold colour combinations and contrasts.

Introducing glamour and decadence through seasonal colours and deep hues, the centuries old traditional dying techniques fuse the past with the present showing the transition of the brand through the years, introducing elegant Poiret, Patou and Vionnet silhouettes, embodying pure elegance with each piece across the collection.

Investing fusing the rich history of the brand into rich, luxury fabrics, the AW19 collection evokes an understanding on the past, with Johnson’s of Elgin introducing sophistication, innovation, comfort and an uncompromising style since 1797.

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