Johan Ku 'The Painters' collaboration and nostalgia | SS21

Uniting fashion and artwork for SS21, Johan Ku introduces ‘The painters’ a collection of

stimulating prints drawn directly from the canvases of Taiwan artists. This season we experience touches of collaboration from concept to creation.

Utilising a unique combination of painting methods, vivid shades unite with polished chrome’s, techniques passed from artist to designer, a gentle connection to the inspiration that founded this collection, “I think the lockdown actually partially created the collection for me because it gave me the chance to meet so many talented people online, not physically but I got to talk with them and also buy their work. I thought, why don’t I work with him and use the print from the artwork and the tools he used to create it”.

Drawing upon his background in graphic design, the SS21 prints were formed through a process of photography and delicate retouching, a personal link to the designers past before delving into knitwear. “I think in my DNA, I’m not only a knitwear designer but I’m also good at graphics, it’s not that common that people buy knitwear in spring summer, I chose to apply some knitwear items within the SS21 collection but mostly focus on prints. I think it’s a good shift, doing more prints in spring summer and more knits in autumn winter, really show both sides of what Johan Ku can do.”

Touches of graphic design aren’t the only throwback we are experiencing this season, the fashion film itself offers a sentimental nod to the designer’s roots. Showcasing his debut collection in the form of a fashion film, Johan Ku deviates from his traditional runway show, reuniting with old friends to produce the film, as we experience music crafted by the same artist who worked on the designers first fashion film.

Warmth and sentimentality ooze from each design, immersing us Johan Ku nostalgia, returning to his fashion film roots, collaborating with old friends and once again dabbling in graphic design, this collection unifies past and present, crafted from new talent and inspirations united with past passions and friendships, an incredibly personal collection for the designer.

When envisioning the personalities set to wear his designs, Johan Ku commented “People who are bold, someone who has the public image and are not that shy, to show off him or herself, I have many artist friends that want to buy the clothing, so it’s more for artistic people, not ordinary, someone with a vivid wild mind”.

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