• Jacob Harwood

Johan Ku | AW20

Reimagining his signature knitwear range ‘Emotional Sculpture’, Johan Ku brought AW20 London Fashion Week a new breath of life for knitted clothing. Moving away from the full set pieces, such as the crocheted long dresses; originally employed in the range, Ku's designs allow his wearers to “mix and match… a knitwear chunky top, with a dress”.

In a backstage interview with Modèle Ku says; “Rather than wearing just one piece”, the collection grows to become a more versatile range, which in itself can influence the style of any outfit. Doing so, Ku’s AW20 collection uses expanding patterns and unique images, printed onto a pallet of clothing options, offering the wearer a new way to bring knitwear out of the holiday sweater stereotype, onto the stage of contemporary fashion.

Ku’s creative process tells us that, what is shown on the catwalk is the culmination of the original ‘Emotional Sculpture’, a desire to allow more stylistic freedom. “Make something first, you need some great photography of that, and then we try to apply it to fabric”.

In this collection Ku was looking to showcase his talents. “I wanted to show people what I’m really good at, not only knitwear, but also the ability to transfer that.” The garments showed that Ku was more than “just a great knitwear designer” but, his ability to combine knitwear and conventional clothing should be applauded too.

Johan Ku showcased a range of designs with enough beauty, and size “for Lady Gaga”, yet made sure that it was “also for the people, who really love fashion”.

Photography by Henry Nash

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