Jenn Lee | AW20 The Wild Woman Awakes

Designed to evoke the untameable inner power of women, Jenn Lee’s AW20 collection invites us to be wild, passionate and commanding. The nature of influential women is a focal point of this collection, channelling and embody the fierce, unrivalled essence of women. This supreme collection marks the designers, London Fashion Week debut.

Encouraging female empowerment, inspiration for the collection is drawn from the 1992 feminist book “Women Who Run With Wolves”. Much like the book, Jenn Lee’s collection is ahead of its time, polished jewellery contrasts with rustic belts offering a sense of old juxtaposing new.

Levels of depth unfold as the collection transpires. Silhouettes offer abstract distortion; contemporary high fashion fittings are complimented by injections of streetwear aesthetic. Fitted profiles offer a sporty, activewear touch to the collection, nods to punk fashion are also integrated, reimagined to incorporate a sense of cohesion. Inimitable offerings of contrasting visuals are amalgamated, a rare and eccentric combination, however executed to perfection.

Traditions and stereotypes that continue to bind women in modern society are deconstructed. Ripping apart these ties, Jenn Lee obliterates stigmas, presenting graphic dragon prints and reworked fabrics. Qing dynasty inspired robes and statement tailoring offers an uncompromising aesthetic of resilient authority, powering down the runway, confidence radiates from each piece.

Features of Eastern and Western fashion are fused within the collection, connecting women around the world through design, a united front for the female race is creating through Jenn Lee AW20 collection, a concept embodied through fastening plackets and cris-cross strings. An element of subtle delicacy is incorporated through the use of intricate draping techniques, a beautiful representation for the grace, elegance and beauty of women. The collection promotes a positive message through design, self-confidence and female liberation circulate through the garments.

Promoting sustainability, Lee supports essential changes within the fashion industry, reworking defective fabrics and recycled plastic, old textiles are gifted a new lease of life, empowering both women and the planet for AW20.

The concept suggests a variety of influences, a complex array of garments, one of the most unique collections to grace the runway for AW20. The cohesion between design and detail showcases refinement and sophistication, signatures of the designer, Jenn Lee’s London Fashion Week debut is powerful and outstanding one.

Photographer - Sebastian Davies

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