Jean Mikhael | 'Rollin' Exhilaration, Expression and Boundary Breaking

London based young talent Jean Mikhael returns to the music scene, with another contemporary fusion of genres. Merging the reimagined rhythms of Pop, with iconic R&B beats, his latest track ‘Rollin’ offers a distinctive sound from the up and coming artist, a defining, signature style for his rapidly growing career.

Collaborating with heavyweight grime artist Realz, his latest track offers a refined, unconventional visual, complemented by rich vocals and an unwavering flow of matchless melodies. Directed by Luke Biggins and Gabriella Kingsley, the aesthetic of the video provides an insight into Jean Mikhael, both as a musician and an energetic personality, fusing the artists love of fashion into the video with the inclusion of iconic snake print ensembles, as captivating as the lush lyrics embodied within the track.

‘Rollin’ follows the release of Mikhael's debut EP ‘The Deal’ a defining moment for the artist, solidifying his outstanding, unprecedented sound. The artist blends a number of genres, melding elements of R&B, Pop and hip hop, a reworked inimitable sound that landed him at number 8 on the iTunes R&B/soul charts and is conveyed throughout his latest single.

Written with ‘ItsHaloMusic’ the track explores the instant connection of meeting someone, followed by a journey of exhilaration and impulsive time spent with one another other, incorporating the nature of relationships from the modern generation, through a vivacious, enthusing beat, united with lyrics offering a deeper meaning. Commenting on the concept behind the track, the artist stated “Rollin means a lot of things to me. I had to read the lyrics and listen to the song a few times after I recorded it because I found deeper meaning to what I had recorded. It comes across as a fun tune which is true but also it takes on what society and my generation today is like when we are in relationships or as some say situationships.”

Continually breaking the limitations of contemporary music, his demeanour of confidence and dynamism endures. Utilising empowering lyrics, expressive vocals and striking visuals the artist produces an emotionally captivating experience for his listeners.

1: How long ago did the ideas around the track and video for 'Rollin' start? has it been a long process?

“I wrote the demo version of the track in January. I then re-recorded it about 2 months later and in March/April time we started talking about the video.”

2: What were your top 3 inspirations when writing the lyrics for 'Rollin'?

“As a writer I always wear my heart on my sleeve, but for this I wanted to change my writing style a little bit. Be a bit cheeky, fun and just playful with it.”

3: What made you work closely with Realz in the production of this track?

“Well we met at The Great Escape Festival and some of my team already knew some of his. So we spoke about sending the track and he really liked the song and he said it came really easy to write his verse which is always good. Now we’re on tour!”

4: How does the track reflect you as a person and an artist through the lyrics and video? 

“I’m quite chilled to be honest I try to roll with the punches in life, ‘rollin’ through life...but sometimes I can be more serious, and the song definitely expresses both sides of me as a person.“

5: What the next step for your music and the path it will take? Should we expect more songs like ‘Rollin’?

“Just finished touring England/Scotland with The Hara; now on school tour to promote Rollin and it’s had a great reaction at gigs and also on social media. I’m working on a load of material showing off a few different styles and looking forward to sharing with you... it’s definitely an exciting time.”

We aren’t always so serious, and we lose honesty sometimes when it comes to communication and letting someone know our feelings or what the stance is with our relationship. I think people are afraid to express that they want just sex, a good time, fun, to live life, to not have a commitment and on the other hand afraid to say they want commitment. I think the lyrics are words people want to say to each other but are finding it hard to build the courage to say it. It’s a song of expression and no boundaries.” – Jean Mikhael

Watch the full video for 'Rollin':

Artwork: Zayd Rafi

Photography: Niklas Haze

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