JD Cliffe's Latest Single 'Come Again'

From sharing a stage with Kojo Funds and Smoke Boys, to completing a vibrant session with the renowned Youtube channel ‘Colours Berlin’ and receiving a spot on the Complex ‘Ones to watch 2019‘ list, North London artist JD Cliffe really has been making moves across the UK rap scene over the past year.

Now, delivering some positive news for the so far ruthless year that is 2020, JD Cliffe brings us his first single of the year ‘Come Again’, a careful cohesion of echoing rhythms and reverberating beats, that will leave you scrabbling for your Spotity.

What was the creative process behind your new single 'Come Again'? "The creative process for Come Again was really quick actually, it probably took about 30 minutes to write, I just locked in one session and got it done."

In your words, what's the overall message behind 'Come Again'? "The overall message is just to have fun and be carefree. I was really focused more on making a vibe than trying to get a message across to the people with this track." How long ago did the ideas around the track and video for 'Come Again' start? has it been a long process? "We shot the video and made the song within a month timeframe. I generally don’t like to sit on tracks for too long I like to just keep the ball rolling."

JD’s, now signature, slow R&B influences injected with a reimagined take on dreamy trap, landed his previous release on the Spotify ‘Official Rap UK Playlist’, if that’s anything to go by, his latest single and accompanying music video will keep JD Cliffe climbing ranks in the UK urban music scene. On behalf of everyone here at Modèle, this exhilarating track has left us buzzing for his next release.

You can watch ‘Come Again’ here.

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