Jacqueline Loekito | AW20

The Jacqueline Loekito online store opens with a single message 'No matter your gender love will unit us all'. Well, with the work of Jacqueline, fashion will certainly unite us all; her AW20 capsule collection is focused on friends, partners and family, of any gender, sharing clothes.

Modéle spoke to Jacqueline all about the inspiration behind her AW20 collection; "sharing with others means bringing together different aesthetics and silhouettes, combining colours and concepts. Sharing means cutting the cost - being more sustainable and it‘s also an inherently communal experience. The inspiration comes from everyday life, I teach at the Fashion Institute in Basel and we have a wardrobe where we can use it for styling and as a fashion person you need that injection of energy from somewhere else, it makes you excited. I feel like these times we should share more not only cutting costs but you become more aware and caring with what you have."

The collection is punchuated with tones of pink. Pink has always been a stereotyped colour, as in, many women feel inclined to repell it with fears of looking too feminine, and men have always been told it's not a colour meant forthem. Jacqueline hopes to popularise the colour for both genders and it's an intricate part of her creative process.

"Colour is important for me, I focused on pink as a main colour of my collection so you can call it the ‘pink thread’ or my signature colour. Each season I combine pink with other colour depending on the topic. Inspiration comes from surroundings, observations and what is happening at that moment. After I chose the topic I start the designing process, select fabrics, pattern making and sew the garments"

"I sourced material from recycled silk, wool, and cotton fabrics. I always make sure that I support my local artisanal, pattern maker and seamstress here in Basel, London and Jakarta (Indonesia) as I grew up and lived in those places. For me supporting the people is very important as they can continue with their skills and support the family."

The collection is beautifully inspired by Jacqueline's Indonesian and English background, and, although this is a collection for both men and women it is not designed with the idea of being unisex. Instead it was created with the idea of freeing gender from their social contraits of dressing; "I feel that men and women should have an absolute freedom to dress however they want without feeling bad or worry about what society think. We as women have so much choices in clothing and for men are very limited so let’s open that gap."

This AW20 collection allows the clothes to have a life of their own, a personality of their own. By sharing the garments through different genders, body shapes and sizes they have a new silhouette, fit and form for each person. Not to mention the sustainable aspects - this brings people together as a community and fulfills our need for new styles and clothes to try. Togetherness is Jacqueline's vision, and through fashion she can share that with us; "when I was 8 years old, I got my first sewing machine and since then I didn’t want to be anything else apart from fashion designer. Sounded very cliché but that’s what happened. And for me through fashion I can communicate what is exactly in my mind."

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